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Vw Water Pump Replacement Information

When nearing a timing belt and Vw water pump replacement (60,000 - 90,000 miles), many owners carefully research different Vw timing belt kits and the individual components. If you've researched Vw water pumps at all, you may have noticed a controversy regarding metal impellers and plastic impellers? We discuss symptoms of a worn or bad Vw water pump. What are the symptoms of a defective water pump? Did you recently install a new water pump and are now experiencing problems? What causes a Vw water pump to fail early? Do you want your Vw water pump to last 60,000 to 90,000? Common statements and questions regarding Vw water pumps are addressed and explained.

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Blauparts® Vw water pump replacement 'Service Bulletin' pdf.
Diagram and functions of a Vw water pump.
Vw water pump replacement intervals.
Basic overview of how to change or replace a Vw water pump.
How to prevent your water pump from premature failure and leaking.
Symptoms of a bad Vw water pump.


A New Standard - Gen II BLAU® VW Timing Belt Kits

Our Mission: To Provide Official O.E. Brands of Critical Timing Components

In our 27 years of service shop experience, we've installed nearly every manufacturer of timing belt, water pump, and tensioner. We've also listened to customer's demands and understand that discerning VW owners want the same official O.E. part they'd get from the dealer, only at a more reasonable price. Elevation of our company values won't allow us to sell lesser quality timing belt parts. You'll find absolute O.E. quality parts, supplied by reputable and official O.E. manufacturers, in every one of our new Gen II BLAU VW Timing Belt Replacement Kits!Enhanced + VW Timing Belt Kit

O.E. INA VW Timing Belt Components

Blauparts' Partner Schaeffler Group - INA Official O.E. Supplier

Like many other resellers, we used to source many of our timing belt and tensioner parts from large warehouse distributors. That has now changed! Blauparts is pleased to announce our partnership with Schaeffler Group Automotive, one of Germany's and Europe's largest industrial automotive companies who have been manufacturing timing belt components under the official Original Equipment (O.E.) INA brand for decades. Partnership with an O.E. manufacturer means Blauparts can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain. >> Read more about Schaeffler.

What Does Gen II (Generation II) Mean?

Gen II BLAU VW Timing Belt Replacement Kits include crucial components that are made by official OE manufacturers; the same manufacturer that made the timing belt and tensioners that were supplied on your vehicle on the assembly line. We understand that every customer's needs and budget are different. Gen II BLAU VW Timing Belt Replacement Kits are offered three different ways: a basic, enhanced, and enhanced + (plus) kit. Nothing changes regarding the O.E. quality of the parts provided, only the amount of comprehensive components included and subsequent pricing.

One important difference is that our Gen II BLAU VW Timing Belt Replacement Kits contain a pre-assembled INA timing belt BASE kit (see image/description below). The timing belt and tensioners contained in the INA branded kit are the same O.E. tensioners as those directly supplied to the O.E. automotive manufacturer. Some other reputable timing belt name brand manufacturers have released similar pre-assembled kits into the market. On the box they claim to be OE, but are in fact including non-official O.E. branded tensioner components inside their pre-boxed kits. This is not the case with our INA kits. You will find only the official O.E. manufactured timing belt and timing belt tensioner(s), the same ones that were fitted on your car from the factory.


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