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BlauSport Shock Absorber Kits Shock Absorber Kits for Audi and VW

Vw Boge Shocks vs BLAU™ Sport Vw Shocks

BLAU™ Sport Vw shocks meet / exceed the quality construction and of Vw Boge shocks. With 27 years of Audi and Vw experience we understand how important the Vw driving experience is. Be assured that BLAU™ Sport shocks and struts make it better! "Feel The Road" with BLAU™ Sport Vw shocks and struts.

Note the following unique advantages where BLAU™ Sport Vw shocks excel over Vw Boge shocks:

Kit Features:

1) BLAU™ Sport Vw strut and shock absorber kits are easier to install than Vw Boge shocks because they include the necessary related components (i.e. mounts, stops, boots) and assembly hardware that is commonly needed for successful strut and shock replacement.

Blausport - Vw Beetle Strut Mount - Vw Beetle Strut Mount Kit2) BLAU™ Sport Vw strut and shock absorber valving is designed specifically for each individual vehicle application.

3) BLAU™ Sport Vw strut and shock absorbers feature both Japanese mono tube and twin tube designs. These designs allow for a free floating shock shaft piston with chambers inside the shock separating the oil from a high-pressure gas charge. You can expect reduced body roll when cornering and excellent dampening characteristics while you conquer demanding road conditions.

4) BLAU™ Sport Vw strut and shock absorbers are filled with Nitrogen gas, delivering superior performance. Nitrogen gas lessens aeration of the shock's dampening fluid. This maintains continuous shock dampening performance, reducing shock fade, resulting in less tire wear and longer suspension component life.

Blausport - Vw Struts - Vw Shock Absorbers5) Unlike other popular name brand struts and shocks, BLAU™ Sport Vw struts and shock absorbers are filled with a long life, multi viscosity oil containing Mos2 moly lubricant. Mos2 helps resist fluid breakdown and maintains year round shock fluid performance under all weather driving conditions. Mos2 greatly reduces wear on all internal shock components extending the shock life for years of great shock performance.

6) Advanced internal self-lubricating shock components from Japan result in less shock shaft friction combined with a Fluon banded shock shaft piston, increasing shock life and improving dampening sensitivity.

7) BLAU™ Sport Vw struts and shocks meet/exceed the quality of original equipment. We're so confident of the superior quality over any other brand that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on them.



Kit Includes: (Depending On Application)

  • Front Vw Strut Assemblies or Shock Absorbers
  • Front Upper Vw Strut (Shock) Mounts and Bearings
  • Front Vw Strut (Shock) Bump Stops and Dust Sleeves (Boots)
  • Front Vw Suspension Strut Hardware Kit (Required for Proper Reassembly)
  • Rear Vw Shock Absorbers
  • Rear Upper Vw Shock Absorber Mounts (Where Applicable)
  • Rear Vw Shock Lower Spring Perch Plate (Where Applicable)
  • Rear Vw Shock Lower Spring Perch Packing (Where Applicable)
  • Rear Vw Shock Bump Stops and Dust Sleeves (Boots)
  • Rear Vw Suspension Shock Absorber Hardware Kit (Required for Proper Reassembly)
  • Anti-Seize Assembly Lubricant
  • Thread Locking Compound (Required for Proper Reassembly)

VW Strut Shock Absorber Kits Include:

The following links will take you straight to the Product Detail page with kit specifics and kit prices.

Starting in 1999 it became more common for Vw vehicles to be offered from the factory with two suspension options. 'Comfort' suspension systems (stock ride height), or 'Sport' suspension system (lowered ride height). (1) Vehicles with 'Comfort' suspension have a stock or normal looking ride height, and are equipped with shock absorbers that are valved to yield a softer ride quality similar to an American luxury car. (2) Vehicles with 'Sport' suspension from the FACTORY, have shorter springs that results in a slightly lowered vehicle stance of approximately 1” along with shock absorbers that have been valved to yield a slightly firmer ride.

BLAU™ Sport Vw strut shock absorber kits are designed to replace worn out struts and shocks on Vw vehicles with either a 'Comfort' suspension system having a stock ride height or a FACTORY equipped 'Sport' suspension system which has lowered the vehicle approximately 1”.

PLEASE NOTE: BLAU™ Sport struts and shocks are NOT intended or designed to be used on vehicles equipped with AFTERMARKET lowering sport springs (i.e. H&R, Eibach or others). These spring kits tend to lower the vehicle more than 1” which make them dimensionally not compatible with BLAU™ Sport struts and shocks.

You will appreciate that BLAU™ Sport Vw struts and shocks have been engineered to provide slightly firmer ride characteristics than that of the stock original equipment 'Comfort' setup and similar ride and feel to that of factory 'Sport' suspension.

VW Models Known To Have Factory 'Sport' Suspension Options:
Vw Jetta GLI w/ VR6 Engine and 1.8L Turbo
• Vw Jetta GLX w/ VR6 Engine and 1.8L Turbo
• Vw Golf GTI w/ VR6 Engine and 1.8L Turbo and Suspension Codes PR-G76, PR-G81
• Vw Passat w/ Suspension Code PR-1BE

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