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Blauparts Ocap VW Control Arms VW Passat Control Arm Kits

Ocap VW Control ArmsMost 1996 - on VW Passat models have a sophisticated multi-link front control arm suspension. The VW struts are mounted onto the control arm and the integral VW Passat control arm ball joint is at an upside down installation position.

The weight of an VW chassis rests on the upper side of the control arm ball joint. Such significant dynamic loads can lead to eventual failure of the control arm bushings hydro filling. Too, due to the force of gravity, the lubricant in the control arm ball joint flows from the upper side downwards into the sealing ring. This loss of lubrication leads to wear and eventual failure of the integral VW Passat control arm ball joint. VW owners become aware of this by the front suspension squeaking noise when braking.

Blauparts' Partner Ocap of Italy
Certified Official O.E. Supplier to VAG

Most discerning VW and VW owners carefully research and choose high quality control arms. We've teamed up with Ocap, a renowned Italian company that specializes specifically in the area of steering and suspension parts. Partnership with an O.E. manufacturer means Blauparts can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain.

Ocap of Italy is a certified Official O.E. (original equipment) supplier. This means that they're a direct supplier of suspension componentsfor VAG (Volkswagen VW Group), along with their other exotic high performance companies Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Lotus, Renault Sport, and Porsche straight off the production line. They also supply Maserati, Mercedes, Volvo, and BMW. Ocap is also certified by TUV (Germany): UNI ISO-9001, TS 16949 (Quality System) and ISO 14000 (Environment System). Read more about Ocap at

BLAU® Ocap VW Passat Control Arm Replacement Kits feature arms that have been made under O.E. requirements: aluminium alloy 6082 material, bushings, ball pins, Klüber grease, rubber seal bellows, and plastic shells. Take advantage of the very best in quality control arms at Blauparts!

Detailed Features of Ocap VW Passat Control Arms PDF

Blauparts employs statistical quality anaylasis with the philosophy of preventing problems before they're even detected. In a recent quality query for the previous 2011-2012 sales year we found that the return rate of Ocap control arms was only .0026%, way below 1%.

Complete IMPROVED Italian Ocap Control Arm Kit Includes:Ocap Control arm kit - Ocap VW Control Arms - Diagram

  • Qty 4 Ocap VW Passat Control Arms w/Hardware - Front Upper
  • Qty 4 Ocap VW Passat Control Arms w/Hardware - Front Lower
  • Qty 2 Ocap VW Sway Bar Links w/Hardware
  • Qty 2 Ocap VW Tie Rod Ends w/Hardware - OEM Style
  • Qty 2 Meyle VW Tie Rod Ends w/Hardware - Improved Style

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Ocap of Italy VW Passat Control Arm Kits

Vw Passat Control Arm Kit 1.8L
Vw Passat Control Arm Kit 2.8L
Vw Passat W8 Control Arm Kit 4.0L
Vw 4Motion Control Arm Kit 1.8L
Vw 4Motion Control Arm Kit 2.8L
Vw 4Motion W8 Control Arm Kit 4.0L


Are you unsure how to install VW Passat control arms or bushings? Curious as to how long it takes to replace them? Wondering if any special tools are required for control arm replacement? Then check out the following page:

Technical tips on how to replace and install VW Passat control arms.

VW Ocap Control Arms - Highest Certified Quality

Blauparts can save you up to 80% on genuine and aftermarket replacement VW Passat control arms. We carry a full line of new German and European control arms at discount prices. Our 27 years of VW Passat control arm removal and repair experience will save you time and money with our VW Passat control arm kits. Blauparts packages all the control arm parts together in an updated kit with everything you need to replace your squeaking front VW Passat control arms and fix your VW suspension problems.

Do you have a loose VW Passat control arm, ball joint, or suspension rattle? Does your VW front suspension clunk every time you hit a pothole? You may need to replace your VW Passat control arms and control arm bushings. Replacing VW Passat control arms one by one can cost a lot of money. You'll save big on installation costs when replacing all of your VW Passat control arms at once. If some of the control arms are on their way out, the others aren't far behind. You're better off getting the job done right the first time.

Save hundreds of dollars by replacing all of your VW Passat control arms, tie rod ends, sway bar links, and hardware with our convenient updated kits! In the event of an VW Passat control arm failure, look to the nation's leading VW Passat control arm specialist for the solution!

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