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How To Change VW Beetle Oil on 2.0 TDI Engine

Wondering how to change the oil and oil filter on your VW Beetle 2.0? Unsure what type of oil to use in the 2.0 TDI VW Beetle? What is the oil fill capacity on the VW Beetle 2.0 TDI engine? Blauparts is here to help! Your VW Beetle oil change questions are answered in the video and instructions below.

Disclaimer: Refer to the owner's manual and factory manual for VW oil change instructions. Blauparts recommend having an A.S.E. certified VW mechanic perform vehicle maintenance. Warning: Please be careful when handling hot engine oil. Always wear gloves and wear safety goggles when handling VW fluids.

VW Beetle Oil Change Step-by-Step Video

How To VW Beetle Oil Change Video Details

Video Demonstrated using 2010 VW Jetta Wagon 2.0 TDI 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Engine
Although the video and pictures show a 2010 VW Jetta, the oil change steps and procedures also apply to the following models:
2013 - 2014 VW Beetle Hatchback w/ 2.0 TDI 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Engine
2013 - 2014 VW Beetle Convertible w/ 2.0 TDI 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Engine

VW Beetle Oil Change Parts Needed:
• 5 Liters Of German Ravenol Motor Oil - VW motor oil quality standard 507 00 required for 2.0 TDI diesel engines.
• 1 Mahle VW Beetle Oil Filter
• 1 Oil Pan Drain Plug w/ Washer

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VW Beetle Oil Change Tools Needed:
• T25 Torx bit for under-body plash pan.
• T30 Torx bit for cooling line.
• 19mm wrench for oil pan drain plug.
• 32mm socket for oil filter housing.
• Oil drain pan container.
• Pouring Funnel.

2.0 TDI VW Beetle Oil Change Picture Instructions

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 1

How To Step 1

Allow your engine oil to warm up. Drive your VW Beetle for approximately 5-10 minutes, allowing the old motor oil to warm up for optimal oil flow and thorough drainage. Open your hood. Locate the oil fill cap and loosen it. Do not remove it. Loosening it will minimize crankcase pressure creating an easier flow for the old oil to drain from the engine, minimizing oil splashing.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 2

How To Step 2

The VW Beetle splash pan is removed by unscrewing the Qty 3 - T30 Torx screws in the back and Qty 9 - T25 Torx screws holding it in place. There are also 2 locking taps on the front side of the pan. Simultaneously, push on the locking tabs to release the splash pan and pull splash pan out toward the back of the vehicle.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 3

How To Step 3

Place a suitable oil drain pan container just bellow the engine oil pan drain plug. With 19mm wrench loosen and remove the VW Beetle oil pan drain plug. Allow the oil to drain from the engine into the oil drain pan container.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 4

How To Step 4

While the oil is draining from your VW Beetle, inspect the oil pan drain plug and sealing washer. If the threads on the plug look worn, replace the oil drain plug. Reinstalling a worn oil drain plug may lead to the damage of the internal oil pan's threads, causing replacement of the whole oil pan. A worn oil drain plug can also inhibit the factory torque causing a poor seal and possible oil leaks. If the washer looks crushed it should also be replaced. Failure to do so could allow for oil leaks. While the oil is draining, inspect the oil drain plug. Blauparts recommends a new drain plug and washer every 4-6 oil changes (depending on condition).

I Love My VW Beetle 2.0 TDI

As an independent VW service shop with over 27 years of hands-on experience, we've seen many mechanical breakdowns. Experience has shown that changing your VW's fluids is the single most important preventive maintenance routine you can perform to avoid problems. Yet, for many VW owners, this seems to be one of the most neglected areas of maintenance. Thoroughly flushing your fluids at the proper intervals can help your VW reach 150,000 miles and beyond!

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Ravenol VW Beetle Oil

CleanSynto Technology
Ravenol is revolutionizing motor oil with CleanSynto technology! Superior quality synthetic base stocks and advanced German engineered additive packages out perform other brands and provides maximum lubrication during extended mileage oil change intervals. Special CleanSynto technology improves engine cleanliness thus maximizing the engine's life span.

CleanSynto VW Motor Oil • Improved MPGs
• Quieter Engine Operation
• Reduces Engine Sludge
• Improves Engine Cleanliness
• Maximizes Engine Life

Formal Factory O.E. Approvals
Ravenol carries approvals from many of the world's leading manufacturers, such as:
• Audi / VW (VAG)
• Porsche
• Mercedes-Benz

Ravenol Racing
The Ravenol brand has become firmly established in virtually all forms of European Motorsport. Ongoing technical support is provided to several series, in particular the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, where Ravenol is the official partner. Today they're used by an ever increasing number of race and rally teams and series: ADAC Formel Masters, GT Masters, Procar, WTCC, Sports and Saloon Car Racing, Rallying, Truck Racing, and Motocross. Ravenol and European Motorsport was the founding in 2014 of a general partnership with Hockenheimring GmbH!

Ravenol of Germany VW Oils

Official O.E. Mahle VW Oil Filters
Blauparts is pleased to offer Mahle Original VW air filters. Mahle is an Official O.E. oil filter manufacturer and has been supplying oil filters to the German automakers for years. Since the late 1920's Mahle has set the standard in filtration as Germany's premier automotive filter manufacturer. Mahle's continuous engineering and innovation is driven by performance. Every Mahle VW oil filter is built for an exact engine application. Mahle filters use the latest generation in oil filter designs and filtration media. All of this results in guaranteed long-lasting engine health and performance for your VW.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 5

How To Step 5

Clean any excessive old oil from the oil pan drain plug area. Install the VW Beetle oil drain plug and washer. Torque drain plug to 21 ft. lb.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 6

Helpful Tip

Tighten and secure the VW Beetle oil fill cap. This will ensure that no loose dirt or debris enters the engine when you take off the decorative engine cover.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 6b

How To Step 6

The VW Beetle oil filter housing is located under the decorative engine cover. There are four grommets in each corner holding it in place. To remove the cover, gently pull up on each corner. One at a time. Be careful not to crack any of the plastic.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 7

How To Step 7

To access and remove the VW Beetle oil filter and housing, you'll also need to loosen one of the cooling lines. Remove the T30 Torx, that is holds the cooling line in place. This will allow a little bit of play with the cooling line, so that you're able to access the oil filter housing.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 8

How To Step 8

With a small of play in the cooling line you'll now be able to maneuver the 32mm socket onto the top of the oil filter housing. Using a 32mm socket, remove the oil filter housing.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 9

How To Step 9

Once it's loosened, lift the oil filter housing up a little bit. Hold it there for approximately 15-30 seconds and let the filter drain. This minimizes any oil dripping onto the engine or down into areas that can't be accessed and cleaned off.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 10

How To Step 10

Gather some old rags or shop towels. Have the drain pan nearby. Carefully guide out the housing and VW Beetle oil filter and place in the drain pan.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 11

How To Step 11

Remove the old oil filter from the housing by pulling upwards.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 12

How To Step 12

Remove the old o-ring from the oil filter housing cover.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 13

How To Step 13

Install the new VW Beetle oil filter o-ring (comes with the new oil filter) back onto its groove on housing cap. Lubricate it with some fresh clean oil. Be careful not to stretch the o-ring too. Also, lubricate the o-ring on the oil filter with a little bit of fresh oil.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 14

How To Step 14

Lubricate the new oil filter o-ring with some fresh clean oil.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 15

How To Step 15

Pop the new VW Beetle oil filter back onto the oil filter housing cap. You'll hear a click.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 16

How To Step 16

Install the new oil filter. Confirm that you're threading it in the right direction before you begin, so as not to cross thread it.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 17

How To Step 17

Using a 32mm socket, torque to 25 Newton meters or 18ft lbs.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 18

How To Step 18

Re-secure the cooling line using the the T30 Torx

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 19

How To Step 19

Remove the VW Beetle oil fill cap. Fill the engine with 5 liters of oil that carries the VW 507 00 oil specification. If you don't see this spec number listed on the bottle, don't use it. Reinstall the oil fill cap.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 20

How To Step 20

Start and run the engine for about 30 seconds. This will allow the VW Beetle oil filter housing to completely fill with oil giving you the opportunity to check for oil leaks. Observe the oil filter housing area and and oil drain plug sealing areas for leaks. Turn engine off. With the vehicle back on a level surface, make a final oil level inspection. Add more VW approved oil as needed.

NOTE: The oil level should never be above the maximum oil level indicated on the dipstick. When the engine oil is overfilled, excessive engine oil burn and damage to the catalytic converters can occur. If the oil level is over the max dipstick level, the excess oil needs to be removed from the engine. [The VW oil capacity on a Vw Beetle 2.0 TDI is 5 liters.]

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 21

How To Step 21

Reinstall the decorative engine cover. Take not of the four post on the engine and align them with the four grommets on the underside of the cover. Gently press down on each corner. You'll hear a pop.

How to change VW Beetle oil Step 22

How To Step 22

Check the oil drain plug sealing areas for leaks. Reinstall the splash pan. First, line up the tabs on the front side and pop back into place. Second, get the three T30 Torx screws started along the back side. Third, start the remaining T25 Torx screws getting them into place. Then go back around and tightened all the screws. We find that if you fully tighten them up one at a time, others may not line up.

How To Step 23

Dispose of waste oil responsibly by taking it to a certified recycling collection center.

Note in your records the current mileage at time of oil change, as well as, when you'll need to change your oil next. For help determining the correct VW oil change interval for your vehicle, see our "How driving style can affect your VW oil change intervals" section. You may also wish to reset the vehicles oil change interval system for future oil change indication. Keeping detailed service records is a must for proper vehicle maintenance and future resale value.