A Few Things To Consider When Using Motor Oil Additives

In our opinion and in most cases, using a motor oil additive treatment is unnecessary. Instead, choosing the right motor oil for the application is the key. When you use a premium motor oil, the necessary oil additives (anti wear, friction modifiers) are already formulated into it. These highly engineered motor oils (e.g. RAVENOL) include the perfect level and formulation of additives for the best engine performance. Most motor oil additive treatments lay claim to do what a premium or highly engineered motor oil already does. The right motor oil simply offers better performance qualities and benefits than a separate additive treatment.

However, when using a lower quality oil brand, many choose to use an additive treatment to achieve better performance. Keep in mind that a vehicle's existing or underlying engine issues are often caused by the use of lower quality motor oil products and preventative maintenance neglect. If this is the case motor oil additive treatments can be added to slow down oil burning, minimize wear, or quiet engine noise. In most cases this is just covering over or prolonging an obvious existing mechanical problem or internal engine damage. Other motor oil additives can be good, such as flushing additives, which can be used in an effort to remove sludge and deposit buildup.

In Conclusion

The most important step is to use a premium high-quality engine oil that has been engineered with special additives for optimal engine performance. A motor oil additive treatment can be added when using lower quality engine oil. Motor oil additives can also be used if your vehicle has an existing or underlying mechanical issue caused by poor service or neglect.