bmw e46 rear shock diagram stackSubject: Proper rear shock assembly stacking order and proper placement of shock mount concave washers. 

Application: 1998-2006 BMW 3 Series E46 Chassis 
Part Number: 33 52 1 092 362, MGR1501, MG21951, MG26011

1. During shock and shock mount replacement always reuse the concave washer plates under the shock mount and on top of the shock mount in proper orientation as pictured.

2. If no concave washers are used during shock assembly, this could cause the shock to push through the mount and possibly damage the body of the vehicle.

3. Duplicate the original shock component stacking and orientation as pictured. Always note the stacking order of all shock components during disassembly. This will allow proper noted assembly of the shock, washers, bump stop, shock mount, gasket, and nut.

4. DO NOT install shock assembly with concave washer plates removed from the bottom or top of shock mount. This will render your BMW unsafe and unfit to drive.