Differential & Transfer Case Fluid Kits

When shopping for premium gear oils many owners wonder what type their specific model uses. We carry a full line of the best gear oils, differential fluids, and transfer case fluids made by Ravenol of Germany and Eurol of the Netherlands. Use our "Select Your Vehicle" finder to find the fluid for your car, truck, van, or SUV.

Special gear oil types that are used in a variety of European and domestic vehicles. Such as gear oils for BorgWarner transfer cases, Torsen differential, limited slip oil, MDL multi disc locking differential fluid, and other specialty fluids. Ravenol and Eurol fluids provide the most advanced performance features on the market and meet the requirements of your specific driveline.

BLAU® Transfer Case Differential Fluid Change Kits include the correct amount of gear oils to provide the best front differential, rear differential, limited slip differential, center differential or transfer case fluid change. Everything you need for a successful and cost-effective gear oil change service.

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