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Recommended 30v Audi Motor Oils

As an independent Audi Vw service garage with over 27 years of hands-on experience, we've seen many mechanical breakdowns on vehicles. Experience has shown that changing your fluids is the single most important preventive maintenance routine you can perform to avoid vehicle breakdowns. Yet, for many Audi owners, this seems to be one of the most neglected areas of maintenance. Thoroughly flushing your fluids at the proper intervals can help your car reach 150,000 miles and beyond!

PAGE DISCLAIMER: The information below is 'General Information' and should be used as a guide ONLY! The Vw Audi motor oil information on these pages should not be used as a substitute for what your vehicle owner's manual, factory service manual, or authorized dealer recommends. Consult your Audi or Vw owner's manual for recommendations on the correct type of oil for your specific model.

0W30 Audi A6 Oil

Increase the fuel mileage of your 2.7L Turbo or 2.8L 30 Valve model
by using Ravenol WIV II fully synthetic performance low friction fuel-saving motor oil.

Blauparts' Audi Allroad 2.7T, Audi A6 2.8L & Vw Passat 2.8L test vehicles are experiencing a 1-2 MPG fuel mileage increase when using Ravenol's WIV 0w30 motor oil. We've also noticed a reduction / minimization of valve train (lifter and cam chain) noise when compared to other brand name synthetics.
The technical reasons why we're seeing these improvements:

Better Fuel Mileage

Ravenol's 0w30 oil features the latest low HTHS viscosity synthesis technology. This reduces the engine's internal dynamic drag or friction. This translates into rotational energy loss through the engine's internal parts, oil pump, crankshaft, camshaft bearings, and contact areas between the valves and lifters. The minimizing of dynamic drag and reduction of the engine's rotational energy results in improved fuel economy and engine performance. Another result is that less throttle depression is required when compared to thicker oils to yield equaled performance. Most drivers will notice more responsiveness through the engine's fast free like revving, especially during engine warm up cycles in cooler climates where instant oil circulation is required, and by owners who drive shorter distances / intervals.

It should also be noted that the Factory Audi Owners Manuals for A6 2.8L and 2.7T models from 1998-2005 did recommend a 0w30, which could have been for some of the above performance related reasons.

Recommended Audi Oils

Reduction In Valve Train Noise

Over it's lifespan, your vehicle may have used motor oils that were of marginal quality. When lesser quality oils begin to breakdown, the engine accumulates varnish buildup, which then reduces the oil's flow to valve train components. The most critical valve train component impacting fuel mileage on V6 2.8L and 2.7L models are the hydraulic (motor oil) activated cam chain tensioners. These parts adjust (advances) camshaft timing to engine RPM. Overtime, using inferior oils can plug up the filter screen of the tensioners with varnish build up. Restricted oil flow to the cam chain tensioner reduces engine performance due to incorrect camshaft timing. It can also increase valve train noise, especially during cold start ups. Don't worry, Ravenol's WIV motor oil features revolutionary technology, that can solve these issues by cleaning the engine's internal parts, cam chain tensioner's screen, and other valve train components; improving engine performance and increasing fuel mileage.

Should I be concerned about a lighter weight oil?

Some owners have expressed concern regarding the use of a lighter weight oil (0w30) verses using a heaver oil weight (5w40). Epic advancements have been made by Ravenol with their production of motor oil. For example, Ravenol's use of HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity lubrication technology. We've had much experience with different motor oils through our over 27 years as a repair shop and in nearly all cases, modern day SAE 0w30 oils will never reach lubricating layer breakdown during normal street or highway use. For the lubricating layer to be exceeded you would have to be at extreme track or race car RPMs for upward of 20-30 minutes straight. This Ravenol WIV 0w30 is a high performance fully synthetic motor oil, made from the worlds finest base stocks and proprietary blend of advanced additives. For performance minded "daily drivers" who want the best for their Audi or Vw, there is no compromising when choosing Ravenol's WIV 0w30 and it's maximum lubrication effectiveness.

Other Benefits:

* Long life, extended oil change intervals for up to 10,000 miles. This revolutionary motor oil is manufactured in Germany to exact oil quality standards.
Note: If your engine internals are significantly varnished from poor quality motor oil (see picture above) you may wish to change your oil a little sooner the first time around using WIV in order to clean out the engine.
* You can also use Ravenol WIV for your Volvo, Saab, or Japanese Import that calls for 0w30 and meets the SAE or ACEA specification below.
* Ravenol's WIV allows for faster oil circulation during the start up period for maximum lubrication protection.
* Provides high oil film stability and excellent viscosity-temperature behavior for demanding, high RPM European engine designs.
* This is an excellent motor oil for Vw Touareg R5 V10 TDI requiring Vw 506 01.
* Meets VAG VW 503 00, 506 00, 506 01 Oil Specifications
* Meets SAE 0w30, ACEA A5/B5, SAE SJ/SL/CF Specifications

NOTE: In cooler and cold climates (especially where instant oil circulation is desired during engine start up and warm up), as well as, short interval driving, Ravenol WIV 0w30 may be used in place of any Vw 502 00 oil spec oil.

Recommended VW 503 00 Oil Specification

Multi viscosity Audi oil for gasoline engines that call for or require extended long life oil change intervals.

Audi Motor OilRavenol WIV II Audi Oil 0W-30

Meets Audi oil quality standard Audi 503 00 motor oil specification.

Other Audi Oil Specs:
SAE 0W-30
ACEA A5 / B5

Ravenol WIV II Audi Motor Oil Features:
Manufactured in Germany

• Exclusive long-life formulation that allows for extended Audi motor oil change intervals.

• Up to an 8% increase in fuel economy when compared to other brand name motor oils.

• Excellent overall lubrication and quick cold weather starting in extreme temperatures.

• Exceptional oil film stability, and anti-wear protection in demanding performance conditions.

• Superior oil oxidation resistance, maintaing internal engine cleanliness.

• Outstanding prevention of engine carbon, lacquer, and sludge deposit build up.

• Assists in the neutralization of engine oil acids.

• Compatible with catalysts.

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