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RAVENOL of Germany Oils and Fluids

As an independent Audi Vw service garage with over 27 years of hands-on experience, we know what fails on these vehicles and why. We feel that changing your fluids is one of the most important preventive maintenance routines. Yet, for many Audi and Vw owners, this seems to be one of the most neglected areas of maintenance. Thoroughly flushing your fluids at the proper intervals can help your car reach 150,000 miles and beyond!

Why Blauparts Stocks RAVENOL Over Other Leading Brands?
What Makes RAVENOL Fluid Better Than Other Leading Brands?

Since 1946, RAVENOL of Germany has been at the forefront of innovation, creating the highest quality oils and lubricants specific to advanced engine and transmission designs. RAVENOL is recognized throughout Europe as a leader in fluid technology, keeping pace with the latest fluid specifications. They've succeeded in meeting and often exceeding the performance requirements set by leading European automobile manufacturers. RAVENOL's innovative and technologically advanced lubricant product line has out performed many of the leading motor oil companies. They have been awarded formal approvals from leading vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, ZF, and many more. RAVENOL motor oils provide superior lubricant protection reducing friction, resulting in optimal fuel economy and low emissions under all driving conditions.

Never before in automotive history has premium oil requirements been so critical. European engines have reached advanced technological designs, causing motor oil manufacturers to meet stringent specifications. Why? Two examples of technological oil challenges are as follows:

  1. Motor oil must help the engine's advanced design achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible (low emissions) and the best fuel economy (reduce internal engine friction to the maximum).
  2. Accomplishing low emissions and maximum fuel economy along with an extended oil change interval of up to 15,000 miles.

With the demands of today's high performance engines, the above challenges push many motor oil brands beyond their lubricating and wear protection limits.

Classified as high performance and energy conserving, RAVENOL motor oils contain proprietary additives that offer unique profile characteristics specifically formulated for the advanced engine requirements of European cars. Most German automotive owners want only the best motor oil. Blauparts believes in providing oils and lubricants that are formulated and engineered to meet your car's stringent specifications. RAVENOL of Germany has done just that and is the superior choice for discriminating Audi Vw owners!

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