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Ravenol Motor Oil RHV Racing 20W-60 Fully Synthetic 1L

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1 Liter Bottle - SAE 20W60 USVO® fully synthetic racing motor oil. Tested on Germany's Nurburgring and Hockenheimring racetracks. Ravenol RHV 15W50 is also recommended by Ralf Schumacher and Opel Motorsport. Used in all racing competition models requiring high performance race engine oil SAE 20W60 specification or viscosity.

Fabrication: Fully Synthetic, Racing & USVO®

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W-60 is a modern, fully synthetic multigrade engine oil with USVO® Technology, based on PAO (poly-alpha-olefin) and Ester.

Due to the USVO® technology we achieve an extremely high viscosity stability. We avoid the disadvantages of polymeric viscosity improvers while taking advantage of them. This improves engine protection, performance, engine cleanliness and oil drain intervals. The USVO® technology makes it possible that the product has no shear losses during the entire change interval and is extremely stable to oxidation. This unique technology helps oil to be lubricated faster, thereby minimizing friction while keeping the engine clean and efficient.

Due to its high viscosity index, its high HTHS value, extreme shear stability and a highly effective special novel additivation with tungsten, RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W- is also suitable for an extremely sporty driving style during the race.

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W-60 is a polymer-free, pure PAO ester formulation which demonstrates no loss of viscosity in shear tests according to ASTM D6278.

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W-60 utilizes the positive properties of tungsten to smooth the surface structure of the motor, reducing friction and wear, and significantly improving mechanical efficiency.

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W-60 has a very high pressure absorption capacity and stable oil pressure, which guarantees optimum lubrication reliability even with historic vehicles which have been overhauled, as well as low evaporation at high temperatures.

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W-60 provides a safe layer of lubrication even at very high operating temperatures, extensive protection against corrosion (oxidation) and foaming.

Application Directions:

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W-60 is ideally suited for modern gasoline engines, especially for use as a special oil for long distance motor racing, during which the engine is subject to the heaviest of strains.

Quality Classification:

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W60 is tried and tested for:
Racetrack partnerships: Nürburgring Tested, Hockenheim Premium Partner, Recommendation of Ralf Schumacher, Opel Motorsport

Technical Characteristics:

RAVENOL RHV Racing High Viscosity SAE 20W60 offers:

  • Ultra-modern fully synthetic engine oil for car race with special tungsten additive
  • Safe lubricating film with very high operating temperatures
  • High HTHS value, extreme shear stability
  • Very stable and excellent viscosity behaviour
  • Very low evaporation tendency
  • Very good cold start properties
  • Excellent detergent and dispersant properties
  • Protection against wear, corrosion and foaming

To the best of our knowledge all information reflects the current state of findings and our development. Subject to change. Any reference to DIN standards are solely for product description purposes and do not represent a guarantee. If problems occur please consult a technician.

Always consult your service manual and confirm the specific fluid and oil requirements for your application. Blauparts and Ravenol are not affiliated with Volkswagen of America (VwoA), Volkswagen AG, Audi of America, Audi AG or any other vehicle manufacture. All trademarks and OE specification part numbers referenced in this product listing are displayed for identification purposes only and are in no way intended to denote any affiliation with their corresponding owners.

 WARNING: California Proposition 65

All Models Requiring High Performance Race Engine Oil Specification or Viscosity - SAE 20W-60
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