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Ravenol Fluid Pressure Sprayer - 1 Liter

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MFG Part Number: 1370351-001-02-000

Brand: Ravenol

RAVENOL Pressure Pump Sprayer is a heavy duty plastic pressure sprayer that can be used for spraying a variety of fluids. Simply pressurize the sprayer and the trigger activated the sprayer for an even and continuous spray. The sprayer can also be regulated fine tuned for an exact spray pattern by turning the nozzle nut. The RAVENOL Pressure Pump Sprayer is great for use with RAVENOL brake cleaner, RAVENOL alloy wheel cleaner, RAVENOL solvent cleaners, and also for use with other home, garden or industrial fluids. RAVENOL Pressure Pump Sprayer has a maximum capacity 0.9L at a pressure of 40 PSI. The RAVENOL Pressure Pump Sprayer has capacity indicators printed on the bottle portion of the sprayer which easily indicates liter, pint, and gallon markings to indicate the maximum recommended fill. Frequently used mix ratios are also marked on the bottle: 1:10 (10%), 1:20 (5%), 1:50 (2%).

Application Notes:


  • Before use, check that none of the components are damaged and that they work properly. Unscrew the pump from the container and fill with liquid up to the "max" level marked on the bottle. Then, screw the pump head back on and securely tighten it so that it is airtight; otherwise pressure cannot be generated.
  • Pump air into the container using the plunger (approx. 20-30 pump actions). The sprayers are equipped with an automatic pressure release valve, meaning it is not possible to generate more pressure than is specified.
  • To begin spraying, push down the spray button, and regulate the spray from a jet to a mist by turning the nozzle.


  • Carefully unscrew the sprayer head so that the pressure can escape slowly.
  • Dispose of the contents in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions; do notsimply pour it down the drain.
  • Then clean the pump using clean water or spray a suitable cleaning product through it.

Safety Instructions:

Never allow the container to remain under pressure for an extended period of time and never expose it to direct sunlight. Do not fill the sprayer with liquids at a temperature of over 30°C and always follow the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer of the liquid (see the product information or the safety data sheet). Replace damaged components (e.g. seals). Do not direct the spray at people or animals! 

Diagnostic Tips and Solutions: 

SymptomsPossible causesSolution
It is difficult to move the pump plunger. Oil the plunger from time to time.
It isn't possible to generate pressure.The bottle is not properly closed; air is escaping.Tighten the bottle.
Liquid is dripping from the nozzle.There is (still) air in the sprayer.Spray upwards in a diagonal direction for approx. 2-3 seconds.
The sprayer doesn't spray although there is pressure.The nozzle and/or the filter at the end of the hose are not clean.Clean the blocked nozzle or filter using air pressure.
Liquids are not sprayed evenly.The liquid is dirty or not properly mixed.Change the contents and clean the bottle or mix the liquid properly by shaking it.

Always consult your service manual to confirm the specific oil required for your application. 

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