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Porsche Cayenne Transmission Fluid Change Kit - 2011-18 - 8 Spd - Eurol

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BLAU Porsche Cayenne Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Kit includes 9 liters of premium synthetic Eurol transmission fluid that meets or exceeds the required Porsche 00004330624 or VW G055540A2 fluid type spec, transmission filter, transmission pan gasket, and hardware. Eurol ATF uses a unique combination of synthetic base oils and state-of-the-art additives, guaranteeing your Porsche Cayenne 8-speed transmission will have perfect shifting performance. Fits 2011-2018 Porsche Cayenne models with A48.04, A48.54, A55.04, A59.04, or Hybrid A06.04 automatic transmissions. See the vehicle fitment tab to confirm the exact model fitment.

BLAU Porsche Cayenne ATF Transmission Fluid Change Kits are the perfect choice for today's discriminating vehicle owners who desire only the highest quality products. This kit includes Eurol ATF 7400, based on a unique combination of synthetic base oils and state-of-the-art additives, engineered for improved shear stability, thermal stability, and oxidation resistance, providing superior durability that outperforms comparable ATF. Expect enhanced fuel efficiency, optimized transmission shifting, and excellent performance. All kits include the correct specification and amount of premium transmission fluid, filter, pan gasket, and related hardware for your vehicle model—everything you'll need in one convenient kit (see the product image showing what exactly is included in this kit).

BLAU Porsche Cayenne 8-Speed Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kit Includes:

  • 9 liters of Eurol synthetic ATF developed and engineered for the Porsche Cayenne 8-speed transmission. Meets or exceeds the recommended Porsche 958 300 540 00 / 000 043 306 24 transmission fluid specification, also known as VW G 055 540 A2 transmission fluid type specification part number. Adequate quantity of fluid for a filter and fluid change. Red-tinted ATF color. See Related Helpful Info for transmission fluid fill capacity notes.
  • 1 automatic transmission filter
  • 1 filter to valve body O-ring
  • 1 transmission fluid pan gasket
  • 1 set of transmission fluid pan gasket spacer inserts
  • 1 transmission pan drain and fill plug washer
  • Blog Instructions: Blauparts Detailed Step-by-Step Porsche Cayenne 8-Speed Aisin (2011-2015) Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement Instructions

Special Tool Notes: This kit DOES NOT include special transmission fluid filling tools. Filling the transmission with new fluid is done from the transmission pan fill port on the bottom side of the transmission. This requires a pump and adapter to bottom-fill the transmission. We have two tool options for you. One is a cost-effective fluid pump and adapter tool kit part number J91003-1 (sold separately). The other tool option is a more comprehensive transmission fluid pressure transfer tank part number T2A0152 with adapter T2A0108. See related items below.

Why change your Porsche Cayenne ATF and transmission filter?

Your transmission has hundreds of moving components. Over time these internal components mesh with one another, begin to wear, and create fine metallic particles. These fine metallic particles contaminate your vehicle's transmission fluid and plug the transmission filter. This contamination affects your transmission efficiency and long-term performance, causing more friction and wear on transmission components. Performing a Porsche Cayenne transmission fluid and filter service at regular intervals will easily extend the life of your transmission. With clean ATF and a fresh transmission filter, you will be providing clean lubrication and proper filtration for your transmission. This vital maintenance interval will support a long-lasting well-lubricated, protected transmission, minimizing the chances of costly transmission repairs and problems.

About Eurol:

Eurol has been Europe's premier manufacturer of world-class, high-quality engine oils, transmission fluids, and lubricants from the Netherlands for over 40 years. Their "Quality is in our nature" promise is ingrained in every Eurol product. Offering a wide range of approved and OEM-specified lubricants in over 80 countries around the globe, they have a passionate dedication to ensuring vehicles and machines are perfectly lubricated under all conditions.

Always consult your service manual and confirm your application's specific fluid and oil requirements. Always follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommended fluid change intervals. Blau, Blauparts, and Eurol are not affiliated with Porsche, Porsche Cars North America Inc, Porsche Center Stuttgart GmbH, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, PAG, its affiliated companies, subsidiaries, licensors, or any other vehicle manufacturer. All trademarks and OE specification part numbers referenced in this product listing or article are displayed for identification purposes only. They are in no way intended to denote any affiliation with their corresponding owners.

WARNING: California Proposition 65

2013-2016 Porsche Cayenne SUV - AWD 3.0 Litre 24 Valve Turbocharged V6 Diesel Engine
2011-2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV - AWD 3.0 Litre 24 Valve Supercharged V6 Gasoline Engine (Hybrid)
2011-2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV - AWD 3.6 Litre 24 Valve Non-Turbocharged V6 Gasoline Engine and 8-Spd Trans
2015-2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV - AWD 3.6 Litre 24 Valve Turbocharged V6 Gasoline Engine
2011-2014 Porsche Cayenne SUV - AWD 4.8 Litre 32 Valve Non-Turbocharged V8 Gasoline Engine and 8-Spd Trans
2011-2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV - AWD 4.8 Litre 32 Valve Turbocharged V8 Gasoline Engine and 8-Spd Trans
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Do you recommend any sealant like RTV on the gasket?
Using an RTV gasket maker or silicon gasket sealants with the transmission pan gasket depends on the factory's intended application. In this case, the 08C Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission pan gasket did not include RTV or sealants when assembled ...
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