BLAU Dodge Durango Transmission Fluid Change Kits

Blauparts is here to help! BLAU Dodge Durango Transmission Fluid Change Kits include the transmission oil filter unit and correct amount of Approved Dodge Durango ATF to provide the best automatic transmission fluid change and most advanced transmission performance for your specific transmission. Where applicable and depending on your specific model, some kits also include the transmission pan, gasket, drain plug, o-ring seals, bolts and washers. Everything you need for a successful and cost-effective Dodge Durango transmission fluid change service.

When shopping for premium transmission fluid, many owners wonder what type of ATF their specific Dodge Durango uses. We carry a full line of the best Dodge Durango transmission fluids on the market made by RAVENOL of Germany. RAVENOL 8HP meets exceeds 68218925AA Dodge Durango including SRT Hellcat transmission fluid type used for 2014 - 2021 with ZF 8 speed transmissions.

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