Do T-40 Ram 1500 8-speed transmission pan bolts need thread sealer during installation?

Currently from our information, no thread sealant or thread lock is required when re-installing the T-40 Ram 1500 8-speed transmission pan mounting bolts. Typically, it's best to reproduce the factory condition during re-assembly. We observed no thread lock or thread sealant on our Ram 1500 transmission pan mounting bolts during its disassembly. This was also the trucks first disassembly from new, affirming our no-thread sealant assembly.

As a side note, if your truck is driven in the snow belt where the truck is exposed to heavy road salt, we suggest a very small amount of anti-seize on these bolts to minimize and slow down the electro-chemical corrosion that occurs between the transmission’s aluminum casting and metal bolts. Confirm that it’s a small amount of anti-seize to ensure excess will not negatively affect the gasket mating surface. Also, the transmission pan mounting bolts for the Ram 1500 8-speed are considered by most as a one-time-use bolt. So, they should be replaced during every transmission pan removal to ensure proper threading and torque.

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