RAVENOL VSG gear oil is labeled with API GL-5, but my Toyota manual recommends API GL-3 or GL-4, can I still use this?

Per the gear oil manufacturer, RAVENOL does recommend the RAVENOL VSG 75W-90 GL-4/GL-5 for use in the 2009-2023 Tacoma manual transmissions. Please see RAVENOL's official oil guide here.

The RAVENOL VSG 75W-90 gear oil has the combined GL-4/GL-5 specification. This is not a lone GL-5 specification gear oil. Due to modern, fully synthetic base oils and additives, the RAVENOL VSG 75W-90 GL-4/GL-5 gear oil formulation can be used in the Toyota Tacoma manual transmission for the GL-3/GL-4 application. Through the use of higher-quality synthetics and modern additives, this gear oil formulation does not require or use certain additives that cause corrosion with soft metals. The RAVENOL VSG 75W-90 GL-4/GL-5 gear oil offers good corrosion protection and is compatible with non-ferrous yellow metals (aluminum, lead, copper, zinc, and brass). It can be used in synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmissions.

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