Can I mix different coolant types?

NO! You should never mix different coolant types. Before topping up your coolant system confirm which coolant specification is required for your vehicle application. Different coolant types and colors contain or do not contain key additives for your engine application and could have an adverse reaction to the vehicles coolant system. Using the wrong coolant can cause long term engine reliability issues.

For emergency reasons, you might have topped up your vehicles coolant system with the wrong coolant specification. We recommend performing a complete coolant system flush and replacing the altered coolant with the correct coolant specification.

The best way to determine which coolant should be used in your engine is to reference your vehicles owner’s manual. Using the appendix of the vehicles owner’s manual, locate the section under fluids, coolants, antifreeze or lubrication. Here you will find the recommended coolant quality specification or part number recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. This recommended coolant specification or part number will offer the engines coolant system the best performance and longevity. Use this quality specification (Example: VW TL 744 F, Mercedes-Benz MB 325.5) or part number (Example: VW G 012 A8F A1, Mercedes-Benz A0009890825) in our Blauparts.com website search field.

If you still are unsure of which coolant should be used in your engine. You can choose to contact our customer support department with the year, make, model and engine type. We would be happy to assist you in selecting the best coolant option for your vehicle application.

You can find more information on coolant types on our blog.

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