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Vw Passat Axle Shaft CV Joint Kits

Blauparts Vw Passat CV joint kits make this replacement easy! We've taken our years of Passat CV joint removal and repair experience and put it to work for you! Only from the nation's leading independent Vw CV joint parts specialist, Blauparts.

VW CV Joint - VW CV Joint Kits from $89.95 - VW CV Joint Kit PictureOur high quality German Passat CV joint kits start at only $69.95! Save up to 70% off what your dealer would charge for these Vw Passat axle shaft parts. Axle shaft replacement is easy because our CV joint kits include all of the needed hardware and clamps. You'll also save $100's of dollars in repair charges by replacing just the Passat CV joint rather than replacing the entire axle shaft. Replacing an Passat CV joint isn't as difficult as you think. When replacing a Vw CV joint purchased from us, Blauparts is happy to provide it's years of Passat axle shaft repair service experience to help you out!

How Do I Know If My Passat CV Joint Needs Removal And Replacement?

A bad outer Vw Passat CV joint will make a clicking noise when accelerating and turning from a stop sign. This is a strong indicator that the outer Passat CV joint is worn. As a general rule the inner Passat CV joint seldom, if ever, makes this clicking noise. The symptoms of a bad inner Vw Passat CV joint on is when vibration, shuddering or torquing is felt through the cars steering wheel and is noticed upon straight line accelerating (steering will pull to the left or right).

Why Do We Recommend Just Vw Passat CV Joint Replacement Versus The Complete Vw Driveshaft Removal?

Many have been under the impression that replacing the complete Vw Passat driveshaft with a re-manufactured unit is easier than just replacing the outer Passat CV joints. This isn't the case. Why not just replace the part that really wears, the outer Passat CV joint. Here are some reasons why.

1) As your Vw Passat front suspension does its job of absorbing impacts and steering the vehicle wheels, the outer Vw Passat CV joint also flexes vertically and horizontally approximately 3 times the distance as that of the inner Vw Passat CV joint. The inner Vw Passat CV joint movement is minimal due to its near proximity to the transmission. Thus, due to the joints different jobs and locations, it is the outer CV joint that is the part that typically wears out, not the inner CV joint.

2) Replacing the outer Vw Passat CV joint, in most cases, is also less time consuming. First, because access to the outer Passat CV joint usually just requires the removal of the Passat lower ball joint bolt and axle nut. Second, the process of removing the inner Passat CV joint mounting bolts is eliminated. Gaining access to these inner Passat CV joint bolts can be difficult due to various transmission shields. Tight quarters can also restrict access to the inner Passat CV joint on the Passat axle shaft. Third, some models have numerous vin splits and different Passat axle shaft lengths. Blauparts has learned first hand that most, if not all Vw Passat axle shaft re-manufacturers cannot reliably identify the specific Passat axle part specifics at the time of axle shaft rebuilding. As a result, you may have to exchange several Passat axles before you get the right one. Finally, Passat owners who just replace the outer Passat CV joints verses the complete Passat axle, in most cases, save $100.00's of dollars in part and labor costs.


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We are increasing our Vw part inventory everyday! If you don't find what your looking for, feel free to give us a call at (920) 758-3232 .

Vw CV joint kits are sold under the following genuine O.E. part numbers:

Vw 4Motion CV Joint Kit - Outer
4D0 498 099

Vw Passat CV Joint Kit - Outer
3B0 498 099A
8D0 498 099B
4D0 498 099

Vw Passat CV Joint Kit - Inner
431 498 103C
893 498 103
443 498 103