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Blau OEM Style Audi A6 Springs Audi A6 Springs

Audi A6 Springs - OEM Style Audi A6 Springs

OEM Style Audi A6 Coil Springs

Overtime, original 30 Valve Audi A6 springs begin to sag and sometimes even break. This can often result in abnormal driving characteristics. When suspension coil springs become saggy or break, most Audi A6 drivers will experience clunking noises, unhealthy vehicle weight transfer, and dangerous vehicle performance characteristics.

In most cases the car shouldn't be driven until the underlying problem is fixed. If the problem isn't fixed, improper alignment occurs, potentially damaging your tires and other suspension components. Keeping your Audi suspension in perfect working order is a must. 30 Valve BLAU® Audi A6 springs are designed as an OEM replacement coil spring. Customers will experience a standard OE ride height with a slight increase in handling without sacrificing driving or ride comfort.

BLAU® Audi A6 springs have been designed and engineered with your 30 Valve's specific characteristics in mind. The proper vehicle balance, weight transfer, and performance handling were all taken into consideration. BLAU® springs provide the optimum ride comfort and performance for your Audi. 1st The World Over™ in Audi kit concepts.

Blauparts® Audi A6 Spring Development Strategy

In harmony with our 'We Care' core values, products labeled under the BLAU® brand-name have been developed using ISO management disciplines in design, development, and sourcing processes. Blauparts® sources with suppliers and manufacturers that share the same values and vision regarding providing nothing but the highest quality products.

BLAU® OEM style replacement springs are manufactured specifically for us by a leading manufacturer who supplies OE (original equipment) automobile manufacturers throughout the world. Our manufacturer has received ISO 9001, TS 16949 automotive, and AS aerospace quality system certifications. The manufacturer of BLAU® springs is a leader in high performance suspension components and has a division specializing in supplying top race teams for over 27 years.

Manufactures who supply the OE automobile industry undergo stringent quality assurance examinations and must provide the automaker with consistent and repeatable high quality manufactured products. Organizational disciplines in management, product design, and development are assured. This is especially crucial when supplying automobile manufacturers with key components such as suspension coil springs.

All aspects of the development, procurement, and production of our BLAU® springs, including materials, were sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A.
Blauparts® engineers teamed up with the spring manufacturers' engineering staff, where we combined our 27 years of specialized Audi Vw knowledge base with theirs. The design approach was to replicate the original spring characteristics of ride height and ride quality for the matrix of vehicle applications. Development disciplines were employed in metallurgy, CAD design, CAE analysis, fatigue testing, and performance analysis. Original Audi spring rates were analyzed in detail, prototype springs were developed, along with vehicle fitment. Extensive testing was conducted, including race track sessions at Road America U.S.A.

Blauparts® is a values based company. We hold true to our vision of supplying the highest quality products to our customers. We're confident our customers will be pleased with the high quality of BLAU® brand-name products including our new BLAU® OEM style replacement coil springs. Our BLAU® springs come with our limited life time warranty along with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We wish to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support.

PLEASE NOTE: BLAU® Sport Audi A6 coil springs are NOT intended or designed to be used on vehicles equipped with factory S-LINE or factory Sport suspension systems. (2004-on models). The factory S-LINE or Sport spring kits tend to lower the vehicle more than 1" which make them dimensionally not compatible with BLAU® Sport's Audi A6 springs. Our springs are designed for Audi A6 models with factory Standard suspensions.

What do I have? How can I find out? Starting in 1999 it became more common for Audi models to be offered with two suspension options from the factory. A 'Standard' comfort suspension systems (stock ride height), or a 'Sport' suspension system (lowered ride height). Some customers have contacted their dealer with their VIN to find out what type of suspension corresponds with their vehicle. Only an authorized Audi Vw dealer can access the bill of material info, which reveals what suspension was used on your Audi A6. Blauparts® is an independent Audi Vw parts specialist and doesn't have access to this bill of material info. Therefore, we cannot determine or confirm your Audi A6 suspension setup.

FACTORY Audi A6 Standard Suspension

(1) Vehicles with 'Standard' comfort suspension have a stock or normal looking ride height, and are equipped with shock absorbers and coil springs that are valved to yield a softer ride quality similar to an American luxury car.

FACTORY Audi A6 Sport or S-LINE Suspension

(2) 1999-2003 vehicles with 'Sport' suspension from the FACTORY, have shorter springs that results in a slightly lowered vehicle stance of approximately 1" along with shock absorbers that have been valved to yield a slightly firmer ride. BLAU® SPRINGS WILL NOT WORK ON THESE MODELS.

(3) 2004- on vehicles with 'S-Line' suspension from the FACTORY, have shorter springs that results in a lowered vehicle stance of more than 1 1/2". BLAU® SPRINGS WILL NOT WORK ON THESE MODELS.

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