Blauparts' Limited Lifetime Warranty - Lifespan Interval

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The Limited Lifetime Warranty on engine component (i.e. timing belt parts) is covered for the manufacturers recommended service interval / mileage lifespan. For instance, timing belt parts on the Audi VW 1.8T engine have a recommend service interval of 75,000 miles. If any of the timing belt parts fail before their recommended service life of 75,000 miles - they will be covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Engine Parts
  • BLAU INA Timing Belt Kits
  • Graf Water Pump.
  • Mahle Thermostats
  • Valve Cover Gaskets
  • Drive Belts
  • Serpentine Arms / Pulleys
  • Ignition Wires / Coil Spark Plug Caps
Engine Type
Manufacturers Intended Replacement Interval
2.8L, 2.7T, 3.0L 30 Valve 75,000 miles
1.8T 75,000 miles
2.0T 16V 90,000 miles
Audi V8 75,000 miles
VW V8 80,000 miles
2.0 8V 75,000 miles
1.9 ALH 90,000 miles
1.9 BEW, BRM 80,000 miles
2.0 TDI 80,000 miles