Toyota Differential Gear Oil

Gear oil is a very general and broad term identifying the general type of oil. Gear oils can be used in differentials, axles, transfer cases, manual transmissions, and even certain automatic transmissions.

Gear oil, also known as gear lube, can encompass or often be identified by several other terms and names in the industry, such as differential fluid, axle lubricant, transaxle lubricant, hypoid gear oil, transfer case fluid, manual transmission fluid, transmission oil, transmission fluid, MTF, MT fluid, and others. Many of these names are simply terms to identify a general application or the product name but not the exact use and fitment of the gear oil. The use of gear oil should always be identified through the vehicle manufacturer's recommended and desired lubricant part numbers and specifications for that particular gear oil and application.

OE Equivalent Toyota Truck and SUV Gear Oil Options

For decades it has been common practice for automotive manufacturers and the lubrication industry to spec and use one gear oil type in both differentials, manual transmissions, and even some transfer cases. The term "GL" included in a fluid specification list as "GL-5" is abbreviated and, by definition, equal to the term "Gear Lubricant." You can also note the below part numbers indicating the use in the front and rear Toyota Truck and SUV differentials where SAE 75W85 GL-5 is recommended.

Toyota Front and Rear Differential Gear Oil Equivalents

  • Equivalent to 08885-81060 European region part number for differential gear oil LT
  • Equivalent to 08885-02506 U.S.A and Asia region part number for differential gear oil LT
  • Equivalent to 08885-02606 and 08885-81070 U.S.A, European, and Asia region part numbers for differential gear oil LX (LSD)

RAVENOL Gear Oil DGL 75w85 GL-5 LS 1L

Toyota recommends 75W85 GL-5 Differential Gear Oil LT for many Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, FJ Cruiser, Rav4, Highlander, Lexus GX460, LX570, RX350 4WD or AWD models, and others. The above RAVENOL and EUROL 75W-85 GL-5 Gear Oil options are equivalent to the recommended Toyota Gear Oil part number 08885-02506 known as Differential Gear Oil LT. Recommended for the front and rear differentials in the above models.

Most Toyota TRD trim Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner models are optioned with an electronic locking rear differential or A-Trac. Hence this is why Toyota didn't recommend the "75W85 GL-5 Differential Gear Oil LX" aka LSD gear oil, just the 75W85 GL-5 Differential Gear Oil LT. However, both the Eurol MTF 75W85 GL-5 and Ravenol DGL 75W-85 gear oil formulations correspond with and meet Toyota OE part number requirements for both front and rear differentials 'Differential Gear Oil LT and LX 75W-85 GL-5' applications for stock and modified vehicles. They offer excellent performance in all operating conditions, whether daily driving, trailering, or extreme off-road. Eurol MTF 75W85 GL-5 and Ravenol DGL 75W-85 GL-5 can be used in place of the above original Toyota gear oil part numbers.

Modified Toyota Truck and SUV Gear Oil Option

Toyota truck and SUV owners with vehicles that are modified or not stock (see note below) have noticed differential binding and chatter when turning when using OEM and other brands of gear lube. Due to Ravenol DGL 75w85 GL-5 LS (Limited Slip) unique base oil and sophisticated additive formulation, you should notice a reduction or the elimination of differential binding and chatter when using this fluid in your front and rear Toyota differentials (Blauparts part number J1C1144-001-999).

Vehicles with oversized wheels, tires, and aftermarket differentials (for off-roading or other reasons) will put additional demands on the drive train components such as the differentials ring and pinion. Typical symptoms of additional strains are a wheel chirping noise and a binding chatter sensation in the differentials when turning the vehicle in tight-turning situations while the vehicle is moving. The unique formulation of DGL and the use of full synthetic PAO make it a fantastic product that works excellent for all Toyota models that are stock or have been set up for off-road overlanding.

RAVENOL DGL 75W85 GL-5 Technical Product Data

Blauparts part number J1C1144-001-999

DGL Product Sheet Details

Please Note: As of February 2022, the previous recommendation to use RAVENOL MTF-1 75W-85 GL-5 in Toyota front and rear differentials has been changed and superseded to using RAVENOL DGL 75W85 GL-5 gear lube. DGL meets and exceeds the performance level of MTF-1 in the use of Toyota front and rear differentials per the part numbers noted above.

Blauparts decided to switch to DGL for the U.S. market primarily for two reasons. Since the original Toyota fluid is amber in color, and so is the DGL fluid, customers better appreciate the fluid matching the amber in color OE fluid instead of the MTF-1 being red. DGL also provides an added performance level in its formulation that MTF-1 does not. Toyota owners can use DGL fluid in stock-vehicle configurations with everyday driving. But it also provides added performance in its formulation for heavy-duty, off-road, and towing situations to which U.S. Toyota customers subject their vehicles. Consequently, our BLAU kits switched to using DGL instead. Since February 2022, thousands of Toyota customers have appreciated using this improved product without mechanical issues.

Why Choose Blauparts for All Your Vehicle Lubrication Needs?

BLAU® differential fluid change kits use high-quality, fully synthetic* gear oils and transfer case fluids. Our fluids are sourced from lubricant partners that employ sustainable efforts to improve the environment using a higher level of quality. In turn, this can support the conservation of the environment through less driveline fluid changes and waste, optimize vehicle efficiency and performance, improve and maintain fuel economy, reduce exhaust/carbon emissions, and improve performance through reduced coefficient of friction and less driveline rolling resistance.

*For most kits, check the product description.

Technical Advantages:

  • BLAU® differential fluid change kits conveniently include the correct fluids, gear oil, fluid specifications, and quantities for your vehicle's transfer case and differential fluid change needs
  • All kits use differential and transfer case fluids that meet or exceed your vehicle manufacturer's specific fluid specification requirements
  • Advanced gear oil and transfer case fluid formulation technologies engineered with improved lubricating properties
  • High-quality fully synthetic gear oils and transfer case fluid formulations allow for extended service life, conserving Earth's resources
  • Better extreme pressure (EP) properties, shear stability, lubricating film strength, and oxidation resistance even when exposed to high temperature and high load pressure
  • Optimize driveline efficiency and fuel-saving characteristics with higher-quality gear oils and transfer case fluids
  • Excellent cooling capacity for better driveline performance and less wear 
  • Low foaming properties and resistance to internal differential and transfer case fluid cavitation
  • Great cold-temperature lubricating properties and flow for added driveline protection and efficiency during the cold driving phase