VW Transmission Code Location

When shopping for one of our BLAU Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kits, some owners need to confirm their transmission code. Why is the transmission code needed to service or repair your transmission? There may be different variables, such as transmission gasket, filters, and fluid types. Confirming your VW transmission code, ensures that you’ll be getting the correct transmission parts.

Where do you find the VW transmission code? There are several VW transmission code locations as outlined below:

VW Transmission Identification Code Locations

Locate your VW Vehicle Identification Label. There are a few places that you may find this label:

Vehicle Identification Label - Inside Spare Tire Well

The transmission code can be found on the VW Vehicle Identification Label. This label can usually be found inside the trunk compartment area that carries the spare tire. Toward the passenger side right of the spare tire area. The VW transmission code(s) are usually located on the same row as the engine code.

Pictured Example is of a VW Passat equipped with an Aisin 09G 6 speed tiptronic with NTJ transmission code. This type of Aisin transmission was used in various 2014 - 2018 VW Beetle Passat Jetta models.

VW Transmission Code Location

VW Transmission Code Closeup

Transmission Identification Tag - Front Side Of Transmission

Many modern transmissions now use an adhesive label with the bar code and transmission code. The newer transmission sticker or label style is very convenient but not as reliable as older metal transmission manufacturer tags. These new style sticker labels can deteriorate and fade as the vehicle is exposed to different climates, road debris, and age. This can cause them to no longer stick to the transmission or not be legible to read.

Pictured Example is of a VW Golf SportWagen with SCV transmission code. This label is located on the front side of the transmission just above the transmission pan and below the starter area. Many vehicle manufacturers also include a barcode on this label along with a 21-digit ID number. The three-digit transmission code will be included in this 21-digit ID number.

VW Transmission Code ID Tag

Transmission Identification with VIN Number

As a last resort, some customers have contacted their dealer with their VIN and requested the transmission code information. Blauparts is an independent parts specialist and does not have access to your bill of material info. We therefore CAN NOT tell you for certain what your transmission code is.