How To Change VW TDI Diesel Timing Belt Instructions

VW Golf Jetta Beetle timing belt replacement instructions on 1.9 liter TDI engine with BEW engine code; which was used in the following Volkswagen models:

  • 2004-2005 VW Jetta (US) A4 chassis with 1.9L TDI Diesel (BEW engine code)
  • 2004-2006 VW Golf (US) A4 chassis with 1.9L TDI Diesel (BEW engine code)
  • 2004-2008 VW Beetle (US) A4 chassis with 1.9L TDI Diesel (BEW engine code)

DISCLAIMER: VW Beetle timing belt installation is a complex repair procedure and should be performed by experienced automotive technicians, trained in performing proper timing belt installation.

Blauparts recommends that an Audi VW Factory Trained ASE Certified Technician perform timing belt repair. One who has been trained in specific timing belt procedures for your exact vehicle engine. This is for your safety and to prevent improper installation by untrained and unqualified installers and technicians, leading to possible engine damage.

Always read the factory service manual safety instructions and guidelines. Always wear safety glasses and other safety items when performing the following repair.

VW Jetta Golf Beetle Timing Belt Replacement Guide with TDI BEW

How To Step 1

Position the vehicle in the air using a certified automotive lift and remove the passenger side front wheel.

How To Step 2

Remove the protective splash pan using a T-25 Torx driver.

How To Step 3

Remove the lower intercooler pipe by removing (1) 10mm nut and (2) spring clips, one at each end.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 1

How To Step 4

Loosen and remove the passenger side fender liner by removing (2) push clips from corresponding studs.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 2

How To Step 5

Loosen and remove the decorative engine cover by removing (1) 10mm fastener at the aft of the cover then pull upward.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 3

How To Step 6

Remove and or place all hoses surrounding the upper intercooler hose off to the side. Excluding the fuel lines.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 4

How To Step 7

Remove upper intercooler hose. Release spring clip at intake and spring clip at intercooler just below the headlight. Sometimes it is best to unplug the headlight plugs and or surrounding components in area in order to release the spring clip at the intercooler. Remove by pulling intake end off and then the intercooler end. Next pull upward in the direction of the windshield.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 5

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 6

How To Step 8

Drain the coolant from the engine by removing the lower hose from the oil cooler, then drain the radiator at the radiator drain knob located on the lower driver’s side of the radiator.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 7

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 8

How To Step 9

Use a Philips screwdriver, remove (2) screws securing the coolant tank. Remove both hoses connected to the coolant tank and locate them to the side as well remove the level sensor plug.

How To Step 10

Use a 5mm Allen wrench, remove the single Allen head bolt that secures the power steering reservoir to the motor mount. As an option, you can choose to completely drain the power steering system and remove both power steering hoses and reservoir for easier access to the area. (Refill using Approved G002000 Steering Fluid - see

How To Step 12

Using a 16mm open end wrench rotate the serpentine belt tensioner in a clockwise direction and remove the belt. 

Using a 13mm socket, remove (3) bolts that secure the serpentine belt tensioner to the engine.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 9

How To Step 13

Remove upper timing belt cover by releasing (2) clips and then pull upward on the cover.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 10

How To Step 14

Remove the plastic cover on the vibration damper pulley then remove (4) 6mm Allen head bolts then remove the pulley. Please Note: To counter hold the crankshaft use a 1/2“drive rachet and 19mm socket. Torque Spec-14 ft lbs.

How To Step 15

Remove the lower timing belt cover by removing (5) 10mm bolts. (upper most bolt not pictured) Important: Apply Loctite to these bolts when reinstalling the cover.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 11

How To Step 16

If the crankshaft seal is showing signs of leakage replace the seal as follows: (If the seal is bone dry you may which to leave it alone.) A) Position tool 3099 in the lower crank toothed pulley then loosen the 12-point 19mm crank bolt.

Please Note: Make sure you fully thread in the 3099 securing bolts into the toothed sprocket.

Please Note: Do not remove the bolt or toothed pulley at this time.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 13

How To Step 17

Support engine with approved engine support.

Warning: Failure to use an appropriate and safety approved engine support could result in Injury or Death.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 14

Removal of TDI VW Beetle Timing Belt on BEW Engine

How To Step 18

Use a 1/2“drive rachet to remove (2) 18mm motor mount bolts from engine bracket to body motor mount bracket.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 15

How To Step 19

Use a 1/2“drive rachet to remove (2) 16mm body motor mount bolts and remove body motor mount.

How To Step 20

Remove the cast motor mount bracket secured to the engine by removing (2) 16mm bolts on the top side and then (1) 16mm bolt on the bottom side of the bracket.

Please Note: In some cases, you might have to raise the passenger’s side of the engine to better access the motor mount bracket fasteners.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 16

How To Step 21

Raise driver’s side of engine to remove motor mount bracket.

Please Note: This can be difficult. Make sure all fasteners have been fully removed from the bracket, so they are not in the way. Lift bracket up and then forward toward front of car. You may have to lightly pull on the a/c evaporator pipe to allow the motor mount bracket to clear. If you are unable to remove the bracket towards the front, you will need to remove the turbo air intake pipe in order to remove the motor mount by moving it towards the rear of the vehicle.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 17

How To Step 22

Rotate engine clockwise until engine timing marks align. If one of the timing marks do not align rotate the engine another revolution and check your timing marks again. The crankshaft timing mark should align with the machined hole in the oil pump casting. The camshaft timing marks will have (2) tabs on the hub behind the cam sprocket that will need to be centered with the timing arrow on the timing belt backing cover.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 18

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 19

How To Step 23

Install crankshaft locking tool T10050. To do this slide the tool into the teeth of the toothed belt pulley then into the round machined hole in the oil pump casting. Make sure tool T10050 timing mark is aligned with the crankshaft timing mark. Make alignment as needed.

Please Note: NEVER use tool T10050 to torque crank fasteners.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 20

How To Step 24

Install tool 3359 into camshaft sprocket hub. Slide tool into empty slotted hole at left of camshaft sprocket hub.

Please Note: NEVER use tool 3359 for torque of cam fasteners You may have to tap gently on the pin tool to get it into the hole of the hub and rear casting.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 21

How To Step 25

Loosen the (3) 13mm bolts holding the outer cam sprocket in place keeping bolts finger tight at this time.

How To Step 26

Loosen and remove timing belt tensioning idler, timing belt, fixed tensioner and water pump.

How To Step 27

Rotate the outer cam sprocket counterclockwise until it stops in the slotted holes. Keep outer cam sprocket in this location threw the timing belt assembly as this will allow proper adjustments later if needed.

Crankshaft Seal Removal and Installation

How To Step 28

At this time if you’re going to replace your crankshaft seal remove the crank shaft bolt as should be loose as described in step 16. Using tool 3203, remove lower crank seal. Inspect crankshaft for possible groove from where the old seal rubbed on the crankshaft. Lubricate the sealing lip of the new crank seal with clean motor oil. Using tool 3265, gently tap new crank seal into place. If a groove existed in the crankshaft, recess the new seal slightly deeper so the seal lip rides on a new surface area of the crankshaft.

Important: Do not rotate or turn the crank shaft at this time.

How To Step 29

Re-install toothed belt pulley and using tool 3099 torque crank bolt to 88 ft lbs. + 1/4 turn.

How To Step 30

Most likely during steps 22 and 23 the crankshaft timing mark may have slightly moved. Rotate timing mark back into place and install tool T10050.

Camshaft Seal Removal and Installation

Please Note: If the cam seal is dry you may wish to leave it alone.

How To Step 31

As completed in step 21 the (3) outer cam sprocket bolts should be loose. Remove these (3) 13mm fasteners along with the cam sprocket.

How To Step 32

Use tool T10051 to counter hold the camshaft hub and loosen the main center bolt but do not remove. When the bolt has been loosened you will want to loosen the bolt two full turns but do not remove.

How To Step 33

Use Hub Puller tool T10052 to remove camshaft hub. To properly use this tool, align the (3) bolts on the tool with the threaded holes in the hub and fully thread the (3) bolts into the hub.

Please Note: Lightly torque bolts, but make sure not to over tighten as this can damage the tool

Next turn the center spindle on tool T10052 evenly and strait until the hub separates from the taper of the camshaft.

How To Step 34

Remove camshaft seal using extractor tool 3240. Inspect camshaft for possible groove from old seal wearing on camshaft seal surface area. Lubricate the seal lip of cam seal with clean motor oil and using tool 10-203 tap new cam seal into place. If a groove existed on the camshaft, locate the new seal a few millimeters outward on the camshaft so that it rides on a new surface area.

How To Step 35

Install camshaft hub to camshaft so that the hub aligns or centers with the timing mark on the rear timing belt cover. Torque camshaft hub to 74 ft lbs. using counter holding tool T10051.

How To Step 36

Install camshaft sprocket onto the hub leaving the (3) 13mm bolts hand tight at this time. Line up the camshaft sprocket alignment holes with the hub and install tool locking pin 3359.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 21

How To Install TDI VW Beetle Timing Belt, Tensioners, and Seals

How To Step 37

Clean machined area where the water pump will mate with engine block. Install the new improved water pump by turning all water pump fasteners equally snug by hand and then slowly and evenly torque the fasteners to 11 ft lbs.

How To Step 38

Install timing belt tensioning idler. Position backing plate flange on tensioner with machined hole in plastic cover and slide tensioner onto stud. Tighten securing nut only finger tight at this time.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 22

How To Step 39

Install your timing belt working from the crankshaft upward to the camshaft lastly sliding the belt onto the water pump.

Please Note: During this step keep the camshaft sprocket fully rotated in the counterclockwise direction. Also leave the small tension idler pulley off as this will make installation of the timing belt easier. Make sure that the timing belt is properly in place and engaged evenly in the teeth of the lower crank pulley, camshaft pulley and water pump.

How To Step 40

Install the small tension idler pulley and torque to 15 ft lbs. (Apply loctite)

How To Step 41

Using eccentric tool 3387 rotate Adjustable tensioner pulley until arrow on backing plate is aligned with the open gap and torque to 15 ft lbs. +1/8 turn.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 23

How To Step 42

Torque (3) camshaft sprocket bolts to 18 ft lbs.

How To Step 43

Remove crank lock tool T10050 and cam lock pin tool 3359 and rotate engine clockwise two full revolutions making sure of no interference or resistance. Check your timing marks and as well make sure the arrow on the backing plate of the tensioner is aligned with the open gap. If tension has changed adjustment is needed and please do so at this time as outlined in step 37.

Warning: Failure to perform the above guidelines in step 39 could cause severe engine damage.

Thermostat Removal and Installation

How To Step 44

Remove alternator mounting bolts and swing alternator to the front of car. To accomplish this, you will need to remove (2) 13mm bolts located at the top and bottom on the backside of the alternator.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 24

How To Step 45

Use a pliers to loosen the hose clamp at the thermostat housing and remove hose.

How To Step 46

Using a 1/4“drive rachet and 10mm socket remove the (2) bolts mounting the thermostat manifold.

How to replace VW TDI BEW Timing Belt - Step 25

How To Step 47

Remove old thermostat, noting the orientation of it. Clean thermostat mating surface on engine block. Install the new thermostat in the same orientation as removed along with the O-ring.

How To Step 48

Reinstall thermostat housing to block and torque housing to 7 ft lbs. and reinstall hose and clamp.

Wrap Up

How To Step 49

Turn engine over by hand two full revolutions and verify that there is no interference.

How To Step 50

Bring # 1 cylinder of engine to top dead center and verify all timing marks align properly as outlined earlier.

How To Step 51

Install the lower timing belt cover.

Important: Apply Loctite to the (5) 10mm bolts when reinstalling.

How To Step 52

Reinstall motor mount casting to engine block. Be sure to apply thread locker to all existing bolts. Install lower bolt into motor mount casting before positioning bracket in place, then position casting into place in between engine and body of vehicle. Install the (3) bolts into casting at the same time and start threads of all the bolts before tightening any one of them down. - Torque spec for these fasteners is 33 ft lbs.

How To Step 53

Reinstall the body motor mount bracket with (2) bolts. - Torque spec for these fasteners is 30 ft lbs. +1/4 turn

How To Step 54

With the engine lowered and back at the proper level, install the motor mount to engine bracket bolts. - Torque spec on these fasteners is 74 ft lbs.

How To Step 55

Locate any components removed not specifically addressed in this guideline and re-install.

How To Step 56

Review each step found in this set of guidelines to ensure each component has been addressed properly and has been re-fastened to specification.

How To Fill VW Beetle Cooling System After Timing Belt Replacement:

How To Step 57

Reconnect the lower oil cooler hose to fitting.

How To Step 58

Make sure the radiator drain knob is tight.

How To Step 59

Fill the coolant expansion tank slowly with a 50/50 mix of coolant/antifreeze and water.

How To Step 60

Install your coolant expansion tank cap, start your engine and allow the engine to warm until the radiator fans cycle at least once or until you are sure the thermostat has opened. You can safely bring the engine up to around 2000 RPM to quickly develop heat in the engine in order for the thermostat to open.

* If the coolant expansion tank fluid level goes down while you are running the engine, turn off the vehicle and carefully remove the coolant expansion tank cap. Re-fill with coolant to the max line and re-start the engine and let warm again until the radiator fan cycles.

How To Step 61

When the engine has cooled re-check the coolant and add as needed.

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