Porsche Tech Tips

  1. Porsche Macan Engine Oil Types

    Porsche Macan Engine Oil Types

    Wondering what type of engine oil to use in your Porsche Macan, or the oil fill capacity and amount of oil to use? Our charts can help you find out what Porsche oil spec your Macan engine uses. We also explain the importance of using factory recommended oil specifications, oil change intervals, and review a few other subjects that are worth considering when shopping for Porsche Macan engine oils.

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  2. Porsche Engine Oil Types

    Recommended Porsche Engine Oil Types

    Porsche oil quality specifications and standards were put in place to ensure that a higher quality engine oil is used in your Porsche engine. Learn about which Porsche oil specification is the correct one for your engine. Using the correct Porsche oil specification will offer the best possible protection, performance, and longevity for your engine. We will briefly highlight the different types of recommended Porsche oil specs and a general correlation to which Porsche engine applications they are recommended.

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