Audi Tech Tips

  1. FAQ: Why Does Diesel Motor Oil Turn Black?

    Black Dirty Diesel Motor Oil

    Shortly after performing a diesel engine oil change many people observe that their engine oil has already begun to turn black. Is this normal? In this article we will briefly discuss several reasons why a diesel engines oil turns black after an oil change. This information applies to all diesel engines. This includes popular Audi VW TDI diesel, Mercedes BlueTec and CDI diesel, GM Duramax, Ram Cummins and Ford Powerstroke engines and others.

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  2. Topping Off Audi VW Coolant Antifreeze

    Topping off Audi VW Coolant Antifreeze

    Is your Audi or VW coolant level low? Did the coolant warning light start flashing? We show you how to confirm the coolant level and demonstrate the steps of adding antifreeze to your Audi or VW coolant system. The proper Audi VW G13 and G12 coolant specifications used when filling the coolant reservoir tank are also explained.

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  3. Troubleshooting Audi & VW Suspension Noises

    Troubleshooting Audi & VW Suspension Noises

    We understand the frustration our customers feel when they have suspension noises soon after installing a set of shocks and sympathize with your frustration. Please review the following information with your mechanic and perform the following suggestions before assuming your shocks are bad...

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  4. Is It Safe To Use Universal Transmission Fluids?

    Is It Save To Use Universal ATF Transmission Fluid?

    When Getting your transmission fluid changed there are a few things to consider. Where do you get your vehicle or transmission serviced? The factory dealership, an independent specialty shop, or a quick service repair center? This decision is often made based on price. However, it's also...

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  5. How To Find Your VIN

    When shopping for replacement parts, many owners often become confused because of VIN splits. Each vehicle has a different unique VIN (vehicle identification number). It's a serial number used by the automotive industry to identify a specific vehicle. We help you find and decipher different Audi VW VIN splits code with pictures and tips that can help you choose the right parts for your car.

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  6. Audi VW V6 & V8 Water Pump Coolant Leaks

    Audi VW V6 & V8 Water Pump Coolant Leaks

    Are you experiencing a coolant leak soon after a timing belt and water pump replacement? We understand the frustration our customers feel when they have a coolant leak soon after installing one of our BLAU Timing Belt Kits. Often when problems arise, such as a coolant leak, the new water pump is...

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  7. Audi Allroad Air Suspension Conversion ECU Soft Codes and Recoding

    Audi Allroad Air Suspension Conversion ECU Soft Codes and Recoding

    Are you experiencing a check engine light, suspension leveling light or stored soft codes in your ECU after installing an Audi Allroad air suspension to conventional coil spring conversion? The below information is a brief overview of how to resolve dashboard instrument cluster warning light issues...

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  8. Transmission Pan Gasket Leaks

    Transmission Pan Gasket Leaks

    Do you have a transmission fluid leak coming from the transmission pan gasket area after a new transmission fluid, pan gasket and filter installation? Transmission pan gaskets typically never fail. One of the following scenarios is likely the root cause. This article will...

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  9. Types of German Audi Oil Specs

    Types of German Audi Oil Specs

    The Audi oil quality specification signifies the necessary oil performance levels, chemicals, and properties in accordance to a desired Audi engine. Using the correct Audi oil specification offers the best possible engine protection, performance and longevity. This is a brief overview and explanation of the different types of Audi oil specs. We also discuss the supeirority of German Audi oil vs others.

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  10. Audi S8 Control Arms Multilink System

    Most Audi S8 models have a sophisticated multi-link front control arm suspension system. The system consists of 8 Audi S8 control arms total and 2 sway bar links. This complex system offers superior suspension geometry for greater vehicle handling, steering input, improved tire contact patch during spirited driving and minimal bump steer or torque steer.

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