toyota tundra

  1. Why MTF is Recommended for Some Toyota Differentials

    Toyota Differential Gear Oil

    Some customers question why Blauparts recommends the Ravenol MTF-1 75W-85 for the front and rear differentials in some Toyota Truck and SUV models? Learn more about different terms and names used for gear oils. We also briefly discuss the gear oils we have available for some Toyota Truck and SUV models.

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  2. What Type of Transfer Case Fluid Does My Toyota Tundra Take?

    Types of Toyota Tundra Transfer Case Fluids

    When shopping for Toyota transfer case fluid, many Tundra owners wonder what type of transfer case fluid their specific model uses. Blauparts is here to help! In this blog article we've put together a Toyota Tundra transfer case fluid specification application list. This will help you determine the correct Toyota transfer case fluid spec and part number needed when changing your Tundra transfer case fluid. We also discuss Toyota Tundra transfer case fluid change intervals and why it is important to change it.

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