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  1. How To Change Audi Q3 or TT Transmission Fluid (2003-2018 Aisin 6-Speed)

    Audi TT Q3 Transmission Fluid Change How To Instructions

    This article details the necessary steps on how to change Audi transmission fluid on 2015-2018 Audi Q3 and 2003-2006 Audi TT models that came equipt with the 6-speed Aisin transmissions. This transmission type is also referenced as the 09G and 09M transmissions, which is the first three letters of the transmissions part number.

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  2. How To Change Audi Transmission Fluid (DSG 6-Speed)

    Audi Transmission Fluid Filter Change DSG 6 Speed

    This article will provide the necessary steps on how to change the DSG automatic transmission fluid on Audi A3, S3, and TT models equipped with the DSG 6-speed transmission. We discuss what type of transmission fluid should be used in the Audi DSG transmission and the proper transmission fluid fill capacity. As well as the necessary tools needed when changing the Audi A3, S3, and TT DSG transmission fluid and filter.

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  3. How To Change Audi Q7 Transmission Fluid (2011-2015 8 Speed)

    Audi Q7 Transmission Fluid Change Instructions

    This article will provide the necessary steps on how to change the automatic transmission fluid on a 2011-2015 Audi Q7 equipped with a 08C type 8-speed automatic transmission. We discuss what type of ATF should be use in the Audi Q7 transmission. What necessary tools are needed when changing the transmission fluid and filter on the 8 speed Audi Q7. As well as, what the Q7 fluid fill capacity is.

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  4. Transmission Pan Gasket Leaks

    Transmission Pan Gasket Leaks

    Do you have a transmission fluid leak coming from the transmission pan gasket area after a new transmission fluid, pan gasket, and filter installation? Transmission pan gaskets typically never fail. One of the following scenarios is likely the root cause. This article will help troubleshoot a transmission fluid leak coming from the pan gasket. Following the information provided below during your new transmission pan gasket installation should ensure that you do not experience a premature transmission pan gasket leak.

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  5. Audi Transmission Tailshaft Leak

    Audi transmission tailshaft seal leak example

    This article discusses how to diagnose and fix one of the most popular Audi Quattro transmission leaks associated with the 5 Speed ZF automatic transmissions. Learn the symptoms of this common leak which often comes from the tailshaft flange seal area. This transmission leak information also applies to VW Passat 4Motion models with the ZF 5 Speed transmission.

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  6. How To Change Audi Automatic Transmission Fluid

    Audi Transmission Fluid Change

    Is changing Audi transmission fluid really needed? How often should it be changed? Are special tools required? Blauparts provides an overview of how to change Audi automatic transmission fluid. Changing your Audi's transmission fluid is most easily done in conjunction with the transmission filter maintenance.

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  7. What Type of Transmission Fluid (ATF) Does My Audi Take?

    What type of Audi Transmission Fluid does my car use?

    When shopping for transmission fluid, many owners wonder what type of ATF their specific Audi models uses. Unsure what type of automatic transmission fluid your Audi takes. Our helpful Audi transmission type charts can help! We have a convenient and complete Audi automatic transmission fluid specification and part number list according to model and transmission type.

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