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  1. How To Change Audi A4 Manual Transmission Fluid (2009-2016 6 Speed)

    Audi A4 Manual Transmission Fluid Change B8 Chassis

    This article will provide the necessary steps on how to change the manual transmission fluid on a 2009-2016 Audi A4 Quattro with a 6 speed manual transmission. Although this procedure is demonstrated on a 2012 Audi A4 6 speed manual transmission the procedures will also apply to the Audi A5 Quattro, Audi S4 Quattro, and Audi S5 models which also came with the same type of 6 speed manual transmission.

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  2. How To Change Audi Rear Differential Fluid (2009-2016 A4 B8 Chassis)

    Audi A4 Rear Differential Fluid Gear Oil Change

    This article provides information and the necessary steps on how to change the Audi A4 rear differential fluid on the Quattro B8 chassis. We discuss the rear differential fluid change interval and why changing the rear differential fluid is important. These procedures also apply to a variety of Audi models without sport rear differentials such as Audi A5, A6, A7, A8 and even Q5.

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  3. How To Change Oil on an Audi S4 with 2.7T 30 Valve

    Wondering how to change the oil and oil filter on your Audi S4 2.7T 30 Valve? Unsure what type of oil to use in the 2.7T Audi S4? What is the oil fill capacity on the Audi S4 2.7T engine? Blauparts is here to help! Your Audi S4 oil change questions are answered in the video and instructions.

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  4. Audi S4 Oil Leaks & Burning Oil Smells

    Audi S4 Oil Leaks & Burning Oil Smells

    In Blauparts' service repair facility we've seen that Audi S4 V6 30 valve 2.7 liter engines commonly develop oil leaks. This page endeavors to simplify the task of diagnosing Audi S4 oil leaks. If you're planning on spending the money on the repairs associated with seals, gaskets, or hoses we'll help you determine where the oil leak or burning oil spell is actually coming from.

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  5. Audi S4 Engine Oil Types

    Audi S4 Engine Oil Types

    Wondering what type of oil to use in your Audi S4, or the oil fill capacity and amount of quarts you'll need. Our charts can help you find out what oil spec S4 uses. We also explain the importance of factory recommended oil specifications and review a few things that are worth considering when shopping for Audi S4 oil.

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