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  1. Audi Allroad Air Suspension Conversion ECU Soft Codes and Recoding

    Audi Allroad Air Suspension Conversion ECU Soft Codes and Recoding

    Are you experiencing a check engine light, suspension leveling light or stored soft codes in your ECU after installing an Audi Allroad air suspension to conventional coil spring conversion? The below information is a brief overview of how to resolve dashboard instrument cluster warning light issues...

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  2. Audi Allroad Engine Oil Types

    Audi Allroad Engine Oil Types and Fill Capacity

    Wondering what type of oil to use in your Audi Allroad, or the oil fill capacity and amount of quarts you'll need. Our charts can help you find out what oil spec Allroad uses. We also explain the importance of factory recommended oil specifications and review a few things that are worth considering when shopping for Audi Allroad oil.


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  3. Audi Allroad Tie Rod Information

    In this article we will discuss different types of Audi Allroad tie rods. How to determine which part of the tie rod should be replaced. Some preventative Audi Allroad tie rod maintenance. Also, through the years Audi Allroad have made several updates in tie rod designs. See how using the updated...

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  4. Audi Allroad Control Arms

    This write-up will highlight the front multi-link Audi Allroad control arm suspension set-up. How to diagnose worn Audi Allroad control arms. Why replacing all your front Audi Allroad control arms at once can save you money in the long run? We will also give you an example of what’s all needed f...

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  5. How To Change Oil on an Audi Allroad with 2.7T 30 Valve

    Wondering how to change the oil and oil filter on your Audi Allroad 2.7T 30 valve? Unsure what type of oil to use in the 2.7T Audi Allroad? What is the oil fill capacity on the Audi Allroad 2.7T engine? Blauparts is here to help! Your Audi Allroad oil change questions are answered in the video and instructions below.

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  6. Audi Allroad Oil Leaks & Burning Oil Smells

    Audi Allroad Oil Leaks & Burning Oil Smells

    In Blauparts' service repair facility we've seen that Audi Allroad V6 30 valve 2.7 liter engines commonly develop oil leaks. This page endeavors to simplify the task of diagnosing Audi Allroad oil leaks. If you're planning on spending the money on the repairs associated with seals, gaskets, or hoses we'll help you determine where the oil leak or burning oil spell is actually coming from.

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  7. Audi Allroad Suspension System

    Audi Allroad Suspension System

    Pneumatic Adjustable Audi Allroad Air Suspension

    Understanding The Existing Original Audi Allroad Suspension
    AKA Audi Allroad Air Bag Air Spring Suspension System

    Audi Allroad air suspension system consists of air bags that surround the shock absorbers instead of conventional...

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