Audi S4 Engine Oil Types

As an independent Audi service garage with over 25 years of hands-on experience, we've seen many mechanical breakdowns on vehicles. Experience has shown that changing your fluids is the single most important preventive maintenance routine you can perform to avoid vehicle breakdowns. Thoroughly flushing your fluids at the proper intervals can help your car reach 150,000 miles and beyond.

PAGE DISCLAIMER: The Audi motor oil information on these pages should not be used as a substitute for what your vehicle owner's manual, factory service manual, or authorized Audi dealer recommends. Consult your owner's manual for the correct type of Audi oil that is to be used for your specific Audi S4 model.

Recommended Audi S4 Oil Specs

Recommended Audi S4 oil, specifications, quality standards, and oil viscosity weight are specified in your owner's manual. If you have lost your owner's manual and are having difficulty determining what type of Audi S4 oil to use, you may wish to refer to our BLAU® Audi Oil Change Kits; which match the correct Audi S4 oil for each specific model.

Types of Oil used in Audi S4 Models with 5 Cylinder Turbo Engines

2.2 Liter 20 Valve Turbo
1992-1994 Audi S4 2.2T model use VW 502 00 oil spec.


Types of Oil used in Audi S4 Models with 6 Cylinder Engines

2.7 liter
2000-2002 Audi S4 2.7T 30V models use VW 502 00 oil spec.
3.0 liter
2010-2016 Audi S4 3.0L 24V Supercharged models use VW 502 00 oil spec.
2018-2020 Audi S4 3.0L 24V Turbocharged models use VW 508 00 oil spec.


Types of Oil used in Audi S4 Models with V8 Engines

4.2 Liter
2004-2008 Audi S4 4.2L 40V models use VW 502 00 oil spec.
2004-2009 Audi S4 Cabriolet 4.2L 40V models use VW 502 00 oil spec.

* Service documents confirm that you must use the VW 508 00 spec for these select 2018-2020 Audi S4 3.0 liter turbocharged models. VW 508 00 oil spec is only an SAE 0W-20 viscosity.

What are Audi S4 motor oil quality standards (aka oil specs) and why are they important?

Worldwide there has been increased requirements for vehicle manufacturers to reduce emissions, minimize their carbon footprint, and improve fuel economy. It was around the late 1990s and early 2000s that more demanding standards began taking hold.

Around this time, manufacturers (e.g. Volkswagen Audi) began to engineer newer internal combustion engine designs in order to meet emission requirements and fuel mileage demands. These new Audi S4 engines also required cutting-edge synthetic motor oil formulations -- resulting in manufacturers establishing their own advanced oil quality standards. 

Can I use a non-approved oil in my Audi S4? One that doesn't meet VW 502 00 oil quality standards?

Petroleum-based blends of motor oils are a thing of the past and should not be used. Using conventional motor oils that do not meet OEM approved Audi S4 motor oil quality standards is very risky and not recommended.

New Audi S4 engine designs are engineered to exact tolerances using unique materials (alloys) and feature advanced fuel injection systems that are lubricated using specific motor oil formulations to ensure optimal system reliability. These advanced engine and fuel injection systems must meet stringent emission requirements focusing on improving fuel economy without compromising engine performance. Therefore, exact Audi motor oil specifications were designed, are required, and should be used. 

Audi now requires the use of their own oil specifications to ensure optimal performance and warranty compliance. Using OEM approved Audi S4 motor oil is key to ensuring engine reliability, optimal fuel economy, and the demands of meeting today's emission standards. Consequently, it's imperative to use an oil that meets the Audi S4 502 00 oil spec. Especially, if your Audi S4 is still under warranty.

For Example: 2005-on Audi S4 models equipped with the 2.0 Liter Turbo engine, with FSI (fuel straight injection), have a fuel pump that is driven directly off the engine camshaft and is lubricated with engine motor oil. Failing to use approved Audi motor oil in these models causes premature engine wear. Over time, a ticking noise in the engine's upper valve train area will develop. This engine ticking noise is most noticeable after the engine has warmed up to operating temperature. To avoid this problem, be sure to use the approved Audi S4 motor oil type VW 502 00.

What is the best Audi S4 oil?

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to what brand of oil they prefer to use in their Audi S4.

Some don’t want to spend the money on true OEM approved high-quality oil. Lesser quality oil begin to breakdown before the 5,000 mile mark. Some say, “I’ll just change my oil sooner, every 5,000 miles.” Does that really make sense? The the price of 2 cheaper oil changes that last 5,000 miles each versus what you would pay for 1 high-quality oil change that will last for the intended 10,000 mile internal? How much time do you have? At the end of the day, do you want to spend more time with the kids or to do another oil change?

There are many more benefits to using a high-quality approved oil. They’re better for your beloved Audi S4 and don’t breakdown during the intended oil change interval vs cheaper inexpensive oils. If your planning on keeping your car long-term and care about the longevity of the engine, it’s best to choose an oil that is made and tested to remain stable during the entire interval.

In our experience there are a few things that are worth considering when shopping for Audi S4 oil: 

  • OEM Approved – If your Audi S4 is still under warranty it’s important to use an oil that clearly states that has approval for the VW 502 00 spec, either on the bottle or manufacturer's website. This means that they have received an official letter from the vehicle manufacturer (e.g. VW Audi) stating that the oil meets or exceeds the quality standard required for your vehicle.

    RAVENOL carries more OEM approvals than any other oil company worldwide. RAVENOL offers several OEM Approved Audi S4 oils.
  • Quality Synthetic Oil Base and Tested Oil Characteristics – The oil manufacturer should freely disclose the exact type of synthetic oil base. When shopping for Audi S4 oil look for a full PAO or Ester base. The price of a product is a good indication on the type of synthetic it’s made with. Overall in the entire engine oil industry, a full PAO synthetic will not cost less than $10-$12 a liter.

    You should also be able to easily find a list of the oil Characteristics on the manufacturer’s website or published materials. Specific characteristics regarding the testing of the oil's viscosity, HTHS, pourpoint, flashpoint, or Noack volatility at certain temperatures. Many oil manufactures don’t even publish this information, due to it being of inferior quality. Question the quality of any basic ‘blend’ oil descriptions, as they are likely only made of a certain percentage of real synthetic base.

    A nice thing about RAVENOL vs other brands is that they are very transparent and clearly state if an oil is semi-synthetic or fully synthetic, even providing details about whether it is a full PAO, or Ester base. Their latest USVO oils are the best of the best and out-perform other oils on the market by as much as 20%.
  • Made and Bottled in Germany or Europe – Oil formulation in Europe are ahead of domestically available products. Many of the additives that are used in European oils aren’t even available in the US. Other parts of the world have very lenient rules on what they consider fully synthetic. Whereas in Europe you have to say it as it is. Most semi-synthetic oils from Europe are what is considered a fully synthetic in other parts of the world.

    Plainly put, the quality of the oil base and additive packages is reflected in the price. If the oil costs more its because they are of superior quality.

Audi S4 Oil Fill Capacities

It's also important not to overfill. Per the below charts, add 0.5 liter LESS oil than the called for Audi A6 oil capacity. Then start the engine and run it until operating temperature is achieved (approx. 140 F). Wait a few minutes once the engine is shut off and then check the dipstick. Fill to the full mark. This is the correct way to check the engine oil level when doing an Audi S4 oil change, as it allows the oil filter to fill up and prevents overfilling the engine. It's also good to make sure your engine is warm before draining, as this allows for a more though draining.

Overfilling is a common mistake. If you fill and check your Audi S4 oil level when the engine is cold - the oil is not at its full expansion and you'll fill over the maximum oil level. When overfilled, the excess oil expands and makes its way into the engines crank case ventilation, breather hose and pcv valve system. This excess oil smog adulterates the air consumed by the engine. This oil adulterated air is then ingested by the engine and then exhausted by the engine. If the engine experiences regular overfilling during oil changes this adulterated air can be the cause of premature oil sludge and buildup on the topside of the intake and exhaust valves. Also, in time regular overfilling can cause issues with the catalytic converters, EGR valves, oxygen sensors and EGT sensors as the excess oil needs to be exhausted or burned into and through the exhaust system.

Audi S4 Oil Change Fill Capacity for Models with 5 Cylinder Engines

2.2 liter 20 Valve Turbo
1992-1994 Audi S4 20 valve model use 5.3 quarts or 5 liters.


Audi S4 Oil Change Fill Capacity for Models with 6 Cylinder Engines

2.7 liter
2000-2002 Audi S4 2.7T 30V oil fill capacity is 6.9 quarts or 6.5 liters.
3.0 liter
2010-2012 Audi S4 3.0L 24V Supercharged oil fill capacity is 6.6 quarts or 6.2 liters.
2013-2016 Audi S4 3.0L 24V Supercharged oil fill capacity is 7.2 quarts or 6.8 liters.
2018-2020 Audi S4 3.0L 24V Turbocharged oil fill capacity is 7.7 quarts or 7.25 liters.


Oil Fill Capacity for Audi S4 Models with 8 Cylinder Engines

4.2 liter
2004-2007 Audi S4 4.2L oil fill capacity is 9.5 quarts or 9 liters.
2008-2009 Audi S4 4.2L oil fill capacity is 9.3 quarts or 8.8 liters.


What is the best Audi S4 oil change interval?

The recommended Audi S4 oil change interval in the USA is set at 10,000 miles or once a year. Whichever occurs first. This oil change interval is also known as the fixed oil change interval. Typically, this is indicated by a service light that will illuminate on the instrument cluster dashboard every 365 days or 10,000 miles. Due to the availability of modern PAO and Ester synthetic engine oils some choose to go longer before performing an oil change service. However, we feel that the vehicle manufacturers have done due diligence in testing and prescribing the best oil change interval for the engine’s longevity.

We recommended performing more frequent oil change intervals if your car is exposed to rough driving conditions or excessively spirited street driving styles. Blauparts recommends an earlier oil change interval of every 3,000-6,000 miles or 6 months whichever occurs first.

For cars exposed to autocross and club racetrack events we recommend a more frequent oil change interval of 12-24 hours of racetrack time. When your engine is exposed to excessive racetrack temperatures and pace it is good error on the side of caution and perform an oil change sooner as good preventative maintenance to minimize engine wear or damage.

The above Audi oil change intervals are based off using quality Audi VW OEM approved engine oil from Ravenol.

What Type of Audi S4 Oil Should I Choose?

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your Audi S4. Some quick chain "we-fix-everything-for-less" shops focus on turn around – rather than the quality of an oil change. As the owner it's your responsibility to spend the extra time, energy, and money to make sure that your Audi S4 oil change is done right.

It goes without saying that Ravenol products meet the highest quality specifications. Ravenol carries more Formal OEM Approvals than any other oil manufacturer worldwide. Ravenol also works closely with manufacturers, race engineers, and drivers to develop the most technically advanced lubricants available today.


Good ★ ★

Meets Audi VW 502 00 oil spec.
SAE 5W-30
ACEA A3 / B3 / B4

  • Performance low friction semi-synthetic based oil with exclusive CleanCynto® technology additive formula.
  • Excellent corrosion protection, cold start characteristics and flow.
  • Fuel economy benefits and optional for all operating conditions.
  • Excellent option for those who prefer more frequent oil change intervals.

Better ★ ★ ★

OEM Approval for Audi VW 502 00 oil spec.

SAE 5W-30
ACEA A3 / B4

  • Performance low friction synthetic base oil and exclusive CleanCynto® technology additive formula.
  • Suitable for extended oil change intervals where recommended by manufacturer.
  • Low friction German oil for gasoline engines.
  • Reduces internal dynamic engine drag and increased fuel mileage.
  • Excellent cold start characteristics and shear stability.

Meets Audi VW 502 00 oil spec.
SAE 5W-40

  • high performance synthetic base oil and exclusive CleanCynto® technology additive formula.
  • Special MID SAPS low ash oil characteristics.
  • Suitable for extended oil change intervals where recommended by manufacturer.
  • Meets stringent EURO IV and EURO V emission standards.
  • Noticeable fuel economy improvement.

Best ★ ★ ★ ★

OEM Approval for Audi VW 502 00 oil spec.
SAE 0W-30
ACEA A3 / B4

  • Fully synthetic PAO base oil and exclusive CleanCynto® technology additive formula.
  • Also features cutting-edge USVO® technology providing extremely high viscosity stability.
  • Energy conserving oil producing significant reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Suitable for extended oil change intervals where recommended by manufacturer.
  • Gaurenteed engine lubriacation even in extreme below zero temperature.

OEM Approval for Audi VW 502 00 oil spec.
SAE 0W-40
ACEA A3 / B4

  • Fully synthetic PAO base oil and exclusive CleanCynto® technology additive formula.
  • Also features cutting-edge USVO® technology providing extremely high viscosity stability.
  • Improved engine protection, performance, engine cleanliness and oil drain intervals.
  • Extended oil change intervals where recommended by manufacturer.
  • Excellent cold start characteristics.

OEM Approval for Audi VW 502 00 oil spec.
SAE 5W-40
ACEA A3 / B4

  • Fully synthetic PAO based oil and exclusive CleanCynto® technology additive formula.
  • Also features cutting-edge USVO® technology providing extremely high viscosity stability.
  • Suitable for extended oil change intervals where recommended by manufacturer.
  • Specially designed for high temperature situations typical of modern turbocharged engines.
  • Excellent cold start characteristics.

OEM Approval for Audi VW 508 00 oil spec.
SAE 0W-20

  • Fully synthetic PAO based oil and exclusive CleanCynto® technology additive formula.
  • Features cutting-edge USVO® technology providing extremely high viscosity stability.
  • No oil-related deposits in combustion chambers, piston ring zone and valves.
  • No shear loses during the entire oil change interval.
  • Extended oil change intervals.

About CleanSynto® Technology

CleanSynto® technology reduces the deposit of soot and dirt particles so that oil can reach critical lubricating points more effectively, keeping your engine clean longer. This can dramatically improve engine efficiency and significantly reduce the risk of engine problems and damage in the future. With conventional oils and even many synthetics use inferior refined base oils and conventional additives. This type of standard formulation is sufficient for some applications but provides less long term protection. Soot and dirt particles can leave deposits or sludge, which may result in blocked crankcase hoses, filters, pumps, etc. Engine efficiency and life span then begins to decline.

Ravenol is revolutionizing motor oil with CleanSynto® technology! Superior quality synthetic base stocks and advanced German engineered additive packages out perform other brands and provides maximum lubrication during extended mileage oil change intervals. CleanSynto® technology improves engine cleanliness thus maximizing the engine's life span.

About USVO® Technology

Proven German engineered CleanSynto® technology now with added USVO® technology. USVO® technology is ultra strong viscosity oil based on fully synthetic PAO (Poly-alpha-olefin) and or Ester base oils. USVO® technology provides an extreme high viscosity stability and avoids the disadvantages of using added polymeric viscosity improvers. This allows for an exceptionally higher level of engine protection, performance, engine cleanliness and longer oil drain intervals. This exclusive technology allows the oil to have no shear losses during the entire oil change interval while being extremely stable to oxidation. This technology also helps the oil to flow and lubricate faster, minimizing friction, improve fuel economy, and keep the engine clean and efficient. Some USVO® technology engine oils also utilize the positive properties of molybdenum and tungsten to smooth the internal surface structure of the engine, reducing friction and wear, and significantly improving mechanical efficiency. All of this provides cutting-edge engine protection, performance, and cleanliness.

Simply put Ravenol USVO® technology oils are the real-deal. Compared to others, they are superior fully synthetic engine oil formulations. Minuscule breakdown or loss in viscosity and no sheer loss during an entire extended oil change internal. If you’re looking for some of the best engine oils available, the USVO® products are your best option.

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