RAVENOL of Germany released a new line of motor oils that feature USVO® technology. This blog article will briefly answer FAQs regarding these amazing new oils.

  • What is RAVENOL USVO® technology?
  • What are the benefits of USVO® technology oils and what makes them distinctly better than others?
  • What types of vehicles can benefit from using USVO® oils?
  • Why might some consider it more expensive?
  • What products do we offer that feature RAVENOL USVO® technology?
  • Why does RAVENOL offer two oil quality grades with similar approvals or specifications and do we offer an alternative engine oil option for the USVO® oils?

What is RAVENOL USVO® technology?

U (Ultra). S (Strong). V (Viscosity). O (Oil).

RAVENOL USVO® oils feature almost no shear loss due to their special formulation of base oils and additives. How?

USVO® technology further improves on the already high-quality RAVENOL base oils. RAVENOL USVO® fully-synthetic oils are comprised of even higher-quality Polyalphaolefin (PAO) and Highly Polar Basic Components (HPBC), which allow additives to dissolve evenly in the oil and alleviates the need for the ionized nanoparticle supports utilized by competitors. This has led to the creation of oil with almost no shear loss, meaning virtually no loss of viscosity during an entire extended oil change interval.

RAVENOL USVO Identified By USVO Logo

Other brands of fully synthetic PAO base oils have lower polarity. This means that the additives do not dissolve well or spread evenly through the oil. This has led to some additives (i.e. Molybdenum) settling out as a sludge or forming layers that can block oil pipes or cause the tips of gears to burn. Nanoparticle supports may help some of these problems, but they have no effect on reducing shear rates, meaning the viscosity index will still drop over the duration of the oil change interval.

To further complement USVO® technology, these higher-quality PAO base oils also have a very broad temperature spectrum. This means that USVO® oils naturally have better stability at high temperatures. The unique technology helps the oil to reach the points needing lubrication faster, giving it excellent cold-start characteristics. Friction levels are minimized, helping improve efficiency and fuel economy. It also has very low volatility, leading to less oil loss. In addition, the fully-synthetic base oils in USVO® products have extreme resistance to oxidation and higher thermal conductivity for better engine cooling. Also, as with our CleanSynto® technology, they help clear engine deposits, keeping engines cleaner, running better, and reducing harmful emissions.

RAVENOL USVO® Oil Features:

  • Better Friction Values Improved fuel economy/fuel saving effect of around 1%.
  • Better Noack Volatility Values Less volatilization, lower costs due to less oil consumption, less oil refilling required.
  • Better Oxidation Protection Longer product life span, longer oil change intervals.
  • Better Cleaning Effect Cleaner engine internals result in a longer mechanical life span for the engine.
  • Better Pumpability in Cold Temperature Conditions This equals faster oil flow and supply to the engine's mechanical parts. Better cold flow equals better engine lubrication, protection, and mechanical longevity (-76°F / -60°C is an example of a USVO cold temperature flow rate).
  • Almost No Motor Oil Viscosity Shear Loss Even under high engine load conditions the viscosity and shear stability of the motor oil remain stable.
  • Prolonged Durability Due to all of the above RAVENOL USVO® engine oils offer longer durability over other synthetic oils.


Advantages of Formulations Without VI Improver

Generally, the use of VI improvers (OCP) is seen positively. But that is not always correct, because they also have some disadvantages or drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks are mechanical shearing or shear loss.

RAVENOL avoids the drawbacks of VI improvers and where necessary, leverages their benefits through the advanced development of USVO® Technology.

  • Higher-quality and specially selected base oils.
  • Thicker fully synthetic base.
  • Almost no shear loss, even when the oil is placed under significant stress.
  • The engine remains clean and remains functional for a longer time.
  • Longer service life of the engine oil.
  • Very shear-stable oil.
  • Viscosity is maintained.

RAVENOL USVO® Motor Oil Benefits:

  • Better Engine Protection
  • Improved Engine Performance
  • Optimal Engine Cleanliness
  • Extended Oil Change Intervals

Who Should Consider Using RAVENOL USVO® Motor Oil?

There are typically 3 types of individuals that will use USVO® motor oils.

Longer Oil Change Intervals and Improved Fuel Economy Benefits - USVO® oil is the perfect choice for discerning owners who want to use the best oil on the market. It also offers overall cost savings because you won't have to change your oil as often. The improved friction values of USVO® oils allow for cost savings, due to an improvement in fuel economy and also more lubrication stability for longer and extended periods of time resulting in fewer oil change services required. (10,000 - 30,000 miles or 2 years possible. Always follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommended oil change service interval.)

Performance Street - A great oil choice for individuals who have high-performance vehicles and are looking for the very best engine protection. The best oil for vehicles that experience spirited driving styles, auto-crosses, or racetrack driving time.

Racing - The preferred choice for race teams and individuals desiring a competitive advantage through the use of lubrication. RAVENOL USVO® technology uses countless hours of real race testing. RAVENOL USVO® oils are used in over 100 different racing series throughout the world. Used by many race teams at the highest and most premier levels of motorsports. Formula 1, FIA World Endurance Championship WEC, 24 Hours Nürburgring, FIA World Rallycross Championship, ADAC GT Masters, MotoGP, and TCR Touring Car just to name a few. RAVENOL USVO® oils are also recommended as the only oil to service ‘Factory Prepared Customer Race Cars’ such as the Toyota GR Supra GT4, Toyota GT86, and the Audi RS 3 LMS TCR.

Truck and SUV - RAVENOL USVO® and Heavy Duty Diesel engine oils are a great option for improving the performance of your gasoline or diesel truck and SUV engine. These oils offer many benefits as listed in the article. Improved lubricating properties and shear loads, superior cold start flow and lubrication, improved fuel economy, extended oil change intervals, and optimal engine cleanliness. RAVENOL oils can also help avoid costly engine damages and issues associated with LSPI (Low-Speed Pre Ignition), improved fuel injector and injection pump life expectancy, quite noisy valvetrain, and minimize tappet failures associated with some American V8 engines, minimize oil coking, extend turbocharger life, lower oil temps, and optimized heat transfer, etc.

Heavy Duty Truck Oils

Why might RAVENOL USVO® Technology oils seem expensive?

For all the reasons that are mentioned above, RAVENOL USVO® products offer the very best in synthetic oil technology. This includes the highest quality base oils, additives, and processes. Simply put, it costs more to achieve such a high level of performance vs other synthetic oils.

Why does RAVENOL offer two oil quality grades with similar approvals or specifications? Does Blauparts offer an alternative to the USVO® Technology oils?

Just as a vehicle manufacturer offers a variety of models all at different trim levels, options, and performance packages in order to meet the needs of the consumer; RAVENOL does the same with their engine oils.

The RAVENOL CleanSynto® line of oils is an excellent alternative to USVO® oils. While maintaining the already high-quality level that RAVENOL is known for, nearly all CleanSynto® grade oils come with the same or similar specifications and OEM approvals as their USVO® counterpart. The CleanSynto® products are a great option for all vehicles and offer OEM quality level oil performance with the benefit of CleanSynto® technology at a competitive price point.

The USVO® line of oils is a higher level of quality and offers the most advanced synthetic oil technology. USVO® oils are a higher level of quality oil over other synthetic oils and OEM oils.

Which products do we sell with RAVENOL USVO® Technology?

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