Ravenol supplies engine oils and lubricants to Donkervoort Automobielen

The Dutch lightweight sports cars manufacturer Donkervoort Automobielen will now be supplied with high-performance products from RAVENOL. "Our corporate philosophies are a perfect match," said Denis Donkervoort at the press meeting in Lelystad, the Netherlands. The two companies want to work closely together technically in the long term and are directly entering into a 5-year contract.

Donkervoort has been producing high-class sports cars in its modern plant in Lelystad, not far from Amsterdam, since 1978. These are super sports cars for people who yearn for enhanced sensory experiences, an unfiltered driving experience and the purest connection between car and driver. Donkervoort's top roadster catapults an unladen weight of less than 1,600 lbs from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds with 400hp.

Ravenol Partnership with Donkervoort Automobielen 2

Pictured above is the contract signing between RAVENOL and Donkervoort Automobielen. Paul Becher (CEO RAVENOL) and Denis Donkervoort (CEO Donkervoort).

At Donkervoort, the ultimate driving experience is paramount. There are no electronic aids: no ABS, no ESP and no power steering. The ultra-rigid chassis and specially designed wheel suspension make driving in a Donkervoort the ultimate experience. Reliable protection on the technical side is all the more important: in the latest D8 GTO model with the powerful 2.5-liter TFSI 5-cylinder Audi turbo engine, the first filling is carried out with the high-performance motor oil RAVENOL RSS SAE 10W-60 with the special USVO® technology . The special oil is tuned for extremely sporty driving, for acceleration values of super sports cars.

With Audi, both companies have a common partner, because RAVENOL has been providing Audi RS3 LMS TCR customer sport models with its high-performance lubricants for many years as an “Audi Sport customer racing official supplier”.

Ravenol Partnership with Donkervoort Automobielen 3

Paul Becher (CEO RAVENOL ) is very pleased with the new cooperation: “Just like us, Donkervoort Automobielen has a long history and has set numerous milestones in the past decades. We are happy to provide technical support to another car manufacturer with optimized and future-oriented products. The attention to detail is what characterizes both of us. ”

Denis Donkervooort (CEO Donkervoort Automobielen) about the new technology partner: “It is part of our corporate tradition to work with the very best materials in order to be able to present the customer with a top-quality product that has given their heart and soul - this is the only way to arouse emotions. We want to continue and expand this path together with RAVENOL , because for our application areas it is extremely important to use technically optimized lubricants that meet the highest quality standards. "

Audi RS3 TTRS engine in Donkervoort Automobielen

Pictured above is the Audi 2.5-liter TFSI 5-cylinder turbo engine.