RAVENOL Lubricants Approved for First Fill in Toyota GT86

All the TMG GT86 racing and rally cars built up by TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH are granted an initial filling with oils provided by lubrication experts RAVENOL. The oil used for the initial filling of the 200bhp two-liter flat-four engine is a PAO (poly-alpha-olefin) based special motor-racing oil that features the latest USVO® Technology: RAVENOL RRS SAE 5W-50. In addition, other RAVENOL lubricants for the gearbox (RAVENOL VSG SAE 75W-90) and differential (RAVENOL SGO SAE 80W-140 GL-5) are also utilized.

The test and development company TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH, TMG, that specializes in top-class technology, is a 100-percent subsidiary of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. At a 323,000 square-foot facility, some 300 extremely skilled engineers and technicians work on designing and developing engines and components to afterwards test them.

To make the use of the racing cars in Europe even more attractive, TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH invited all the owners of GT86 racing and rally cars to take part in a special competition. In the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Trophy that already was created in 2018 the participants battle it out for points and prize money – without extra requirements – in race series such as VLN, RCN and DRM as well as the legendary Nürburgring 24h Race. With 24 drivers from 12 countries, the popularity of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Trophy is increasing all over Europe.

This means all the three motor-sport versions of the TOYOTA GT86 (GT86 CS-Cup, GT86 CS-R3 and GT86 CS-V3) test the oils’ durability and performance capability in both road racing and rallying.

About Toyota Motorsport GMBH

TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has been based in Cologne, Germany since 1979 and built its reputation in motorsport, beginning with two decades of FIA World Rally Championship success. TMG’s facilities and capabilities expanded significantly during its time in Formula 1 (2002-2009). Since the end of that era, TMG has combined works motorsport participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship with research and development support for TOYOTA Motor Corporation and a thriving business as a supplier of high-performance services to the automotive and motorsport sectors. Additionally, TMG has built a growing customer motorsport business covering activities in rally and circuit racing, with all activities inspired by TMG’s vision of Creating Excitement Through Team Spirit and Advanced Technology.



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