1. FAQ: MAHLE OX Oil Filters with Improved Fleece End Cap Seal Design

    Improved Oil Filter Fleece End Cap Seal Design MAHLE OX

    This blog post discusses and clarifies the improved design of the Mahle OX oil filters and what's the differences between the Original Equipment oil filters and Mahle OX oil filter designs. We also highlight why the MAHLE OX oil filters with fleece end cap design perform better than the OEM or Aftermarket filter you removed or may have used and how to correctly install the MAHLE OX filters with the fleece end cap design.

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  2. FAQ: Why Does Diesel Motor Oil Turn Black?

    Black Dirty Diesel Motor Oil

    Shortly after performing a diesel engine oil change many people observe that their engine oil has already begun to turn black. Is this normal? In this article we will briefly discuss several reasons why a diesel engines oil turns black after an oil change. This information applies to all diesel engines. This includes popular Audi VW TDI diesel, Mercedes BlueTec and CDI diesel, GM Duramax, Ram Cummins and Ford Powerstroke engines and others.

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  3. Does Motor Oil Have an Expiration Date or Shelf Life?

    Engine Oil Bottle Printed Manufacture Dates and Batch Numbers

    Does motor oil expire or have a shelf life? What do the manufacturer's printed dates and batch numbers on the oil bottle mean? Does the storage of motor oil matter or can certain conditions make oils go bad? Though these oil expiration FAQs are about engine oil, this information also applies to transmission fluids, gear oils, power steering fluid, coolants and other fluids and lubricants.

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  4. FAQs: RAVENOL USVO® Oil Technology

    About RAVENOL USVO Oils

    Recently RAVENOL of Germany has released the new USVO® technology oil product line. This blog article will briefly highlight the new oil technology and highlights the benefits of USVO® technology and what makes it distinctly better than others? Who should consider using it? Why might some consider it more expensive? And more questions answered.

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  5. Is It Safe To Use Universal Transmission Fluids?

    Is It Save To Use Universal ATF Transmission Fluid?

    When Getting your transmission fluid changed there are a few things to consider. Where do you get your vehicle or transmission serviced? The factory dealership, an independent specialty shop, or a quick service repair center? This decision is often made based on price. However, it's also important to confirm the quality of oils and fluids that a facility chooses to use.

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  6. BMW E46 3 Series Rear Shock Mount Stack

    BMW E46 3 Series Rear Shock Mount Stack

    This article will highlight the proper rear shock assembly stacking order for the BMW 3 series E46 platform. We will also highlight the correct concave shock mount washer placement. Always note the stacking order of all shock components during disassembly. This will allow proper noted assembly of the shock, washers, bump stop, shock mount, gasket, and nut.

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  7. Transmission Pan Gasket Leaks

    Transmission Pan Gasket Leaks

    Do you have a transmission fluid leak coming from the transmission pan gasket area after a new transmission fluid, pan gasket, and filter installation? Transmission pan gaskets typically never fail. One of the following scenarios is likely the root cause. This article will help troubleshoot a transmission fluid leak coming from the pan gasket. Following the information provided below during your new transmission pan gasket installation should ensure that you do not experience a premature transmission pan gasket leak.

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  8. VW Timing Belt Replacement Kits

    About BLAU VW Timing Belt Replacement Kits

    We understand that every customer's needs and budget are different when servicing the VW timing belt systems. Therefore, our Gen II BLAU® VW Timing Belt Replacement Kits are offered in 3 different ways: a basic, enhanced, and enhanced+ kit. Depending on if you have a higher mileage vehicle you might choose our Enhanced+ Kit (Our most comprehensive kit). If your car is a little lower in miles and you feel several of the other timing belt-related components are still in good working order you can choose the simple Base VW timing belt kit.

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  9. Audi Timing Belt Replacement Kits

    Audi Timing Belt Replacement Kits

    As an independent Audi VW specialist, we created and started selling timing belt kits back in the 1990s. For years we've been performing Audi timing belt replacements in our own independent service facility, on customers' cars as well as our own test vehicles. We have replaced Audi timing belt components on models ranging from the old Ur Quattro's to A8s. We're familiar with the detailed workings (ins & outs) of Audi engines. This experience has helped us create Audi timing belt kits that are specific to each model, including everything you'll need to make your installation go smoothly.

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  10. Ocap Audi VW Control Arms

    Ocap Audi VW Control Arms

    Blauparts is pleased to offer Ocap control arms and suspension parts for a variety of Audi and VW applications. Most discerning Audi and VW owners carefully research and choose high-quality control arms. Blauparts have teamed up with Ocap, a renowned Italian company that specializes specifically in the area of steering and suspension parts. Partnership with an OEM manufacturer means we can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain.

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  11. Should You Use Motor Oil Additives?

    Should You Use Engine Oil Additives?

    Should I be using a motor oil additive treatment? Is it even necessary to use performance enhancing oil additives? Choosing the right motor oil for the application is the key. In our opinion and in most cases, using a motor oil additive treatment is unnecessary. Instead, choosing the right motor oil for the application is the key. When you use a premium motor oil, the necessary oil additives (anti wear, friction modifiers) are already formulated into it. These highly engineered motor oils (e.g. RAVENOL) include the perfect level and formulation of additives for the best engine performance...

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