Ravenol OEM Approved oils

Ralf Schumacher developes partnership as brand ambassador and technical development partner to RAVENOL! Ralf Schumacher who is a member of a family of motor-racing enthusiasts and has successfully competed in several top-class motor-racing categories. His brother Michael set a world record by winning the Formula One World Championship seven times while his son David and his nephew Mick also are successful kart and single-seater drivers.

In 2016, the former Formula 1 and DTM ace began to use his experience and knowledge as RAVENOL’s engineering consultant. Now, RAVENOL and Schumacher will design and develop high-performance lubricants based on poly-alpha-olefins for motor racing and use in particularly adverse operating conditions.

Ralf Schumacher RAVENOL Partner

The successful long-term cooperation began in karting and single-seater racing. The close and intense collaboration now also is reflected by the product development resulting in an entirely new racing-oil range launched now that is recommended by Ralf Schumacher. The dynamic RS on the oil bottle's front-side label (RS stands for Ralf Schumacher) is placed prominently on the bins of seven already completely designed and developed products.


In consideration of the fact that more and more motor-racing categories are contested with close-to-production vehicles, enhancing the lubricants to a performance level that also meets the motor-racing demands represented a logical step for RAVENOL. A particularly good example for this fact is the RAVENOL VMP 5W-30 – the only motor-racing oil in the Audi Motorsport sport-component catalogue for the Audi RS3 LMS TCR (p. 43) – that has an official OEM approval for use in day-to-day traffic by Audi, BMW, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes and VW at the same time. Accordingly, the brand developed a new product range of Mid-SAPS engine oils meeting the ACEA C3 quality-level demands: RAVENOL RUP 5W-40 and RAVENOL REP 5W-30 as well as the Full-SAPS oil RAVENOL RSP 5W-30 for the quality level ACEA A3/B4. The OEM approved RAVENOL VMP 5W-30 as well as the new RAVENOL REP 5W-30, RUP 5W-40, and RSP 5W-30 oils are all available at Blauparts!

Why does Blauparts specialize only in Ravenol oils?

Our vision is to supply only the highest quality products to our customers, therefore, Blauparts is pleased to offer RAVENOL oils and lubricants. We chose to specialize specifically in RAVENOL oil and lubricants due to RAVENOL’s exceptional and unique use of higher quality synthetics, additives and formulations. RAVENOL is one of the highest quality oils and lubricants sold in the U.S. RAVENOL is a phenomenal choice whether you want to improve your vehicle's performance or are simply looking for a quality product for servicing your vehicle's fluids. We stock a full range of RAVENOL oils and lubricants for virtually all European, Import and Domestic vehicle brands.