Mercedes ATF 134 and ATF 134 FE Fluid Type

When shopping for a Mercedes 7-speed automatic transmission fluid, some Mercedes owners need to confirm their vehicle manufacturer date or transmission code to ensure the proper ATF specification is used when servicing or repairing their Mercedes 7G-tronic transmission. Confirming your Mercedes 7G-Tronic transmission code or manufacturer date ensures that you’ll be using the correct parts and transmission fluid when changing your ATF.

Why Confirm Your Mercedes 7 Speed 7G-Tronic Transmission Type

There are two different types of Mercedes 7G-Tronic 7-speed automatic transmissions, and these will require two different transmission fluid specifications. Understanding how to identify which 7-speed transmission you have will ensure you use the correct automatic transmission fluid specification.

Mercedes 7G-Tronic 7-Speed Transmission

Mercedes introduced the first 7-speed automatic transmission to the USA market in 2004. This was a breakthrough for Mercedes-Benz as the first vehicle manufacturer ever to use a 7-speed automatic transmission in a production vehicle. The 7-speed transmission can be identified or referenced by several names such as the "Mercedes 7G-Tronic," "722.9," or "NAG2 7-speed" automatic transmission. The first generation of the 7-speed 7G-Tronic transmission was available in select 2004 Mercedes models up to vehicle manufacturer date 6-21-2010. All 7G-Tronic transmissions from 2004 to 6-21-2010 use the MB 236.14 specification ATF 134 (Red in color ATF).

RED ATF MB 236.14 Specification Filled 7G-Tronic Transmissions

  • All 7-Speed 7G-tronic Mercedes models from 2004 up to manufacturer date 6-21-2010 will use automatic transmission fluid specification MB 236.14
  • MB 236.14 ATF is also known as the RED in color ATF, or ATF 134
  • Depending on your geographical location Mercedes has used a variety of OEM part numbers for the MB 236.14 specification ATF. Part number 001989680315, 0009899203, 0019890703, 001989210310, 001989450310, 001989450313, 001989680310, 001989680313, A001989680310, A001989450310, A001989210310, A0009896805, and A0019892103

Mercedes 7G-Tronic Plus 7 Speed Transmission

Late in the vehicle model year 2010, (Specifically from vehicle manufacture date 6-22-2010 onward) Mercedes introduced an updated version of the 7-speed 7G-Tronic automatic transmission. This was to further improve reliability and vehicle efficiency, calling it the "7G-Tronic Plus," "722.9 Plus," or the "NAG2 Plus" transmission. The most significant update (including the transmission mechanicals and electronics) was the use of a new type of fuel-efficient automatic transmission fluid known "ATF 134 FE." This new fluid is a low friction automatic transmission fluid specification identified by specification number MB 236.15. ATF 134 FE is Blue in color and not your typical Red ATF color. This new ATF was formulated to complement the latest transmission design.

BLUE ATF MB 236.15 Specification Filled 7G-Tronic PLUS Transmissions

  • All 7-Speed 7G-Tronic PLUS Mercedes models from manufacture date 6-22-2010 and newer will use automatic transmission fluid specification MB 236.15
  • MB 236.15 ATF is also known as the BLUE in color ATF, or ATF 134 FE specification
  • Depending on your geographical location Mercedes has used a variety of OEM part numbers for the MB 236.15 specification ATF. Part numbers A000989440411, 000989440411, A001989690511, 001989690511, A000989440411FULW, 000989440411FULW, A0019897703, 0019897703, A001989780309, 001989780309, A001989770309, and 001989770309

How Do I Know if I Have a 7G-Tronic or 7G-Tronic Plus Transmission?

  • 2010 model year owners with 7-speed automatic transmissions will need to confirm a vehicle manufacturer date before 6-21-2010 or after 6-22-2010.
  • Vehicles made before or up to manufacturer date 6-21-2010 will use the MB 236.14 RED specification transmission fluid.
  • Vehicles made after the manufacturer date 6-22-2010 will use the MB 236.15 BLUE specification transmission fluid.
  • We also suggest 2011 Mercedes model year owners also confirm their vehicle manufacturer date. We have had some customers think they have a 2011 manufactured year model but in fact, have an early 2010 model or early 2012 model. Unfortunately, the incorrect transmission fluids or the wrong transmission fluid change kit have been purchased.

Other Helpful Suggestions for 7G-Tronic or 7G-Tronic Plus Transmission Confirmation?

  • If you find your vehicle's manufacture date is close to the changeover date, you may want to perform a visual inspection to confirm if the fluid is RED or BLUE in color.
  • Another way to confirm is if your vehicle has the "Mercedes eco-start-stop system" feature. If your model is equipped with the eco start-stop function, then your transmission requires the MB 236.15 ATF 134 FE (BLUE in color ATF). This is the system or function that turns the engine off while stopped and then starts the engine once the brake pedal is released.
    2004-2009 model year owners do not need to confirm a manufacturer date since all 7-speed transmissions are the 1st version of the 7G-Tronic and use the RED MB 236.14 specification fluid.
  • 2012 and newer model owners should also not need to confirm a manufacturer date since all 7-speed transmissions are the new 7G-Tronic Plus BLUE MB 236.15 specification fluid.
  • Another reference will be transmission pan dimples stamped in the pan. 4 small round dimples in the bottom of the pan are an early 7-speed 7G-Tronic and require the MB 236.14 RED colored ATF. If your transmission pan has 4 oval stamped dimples then you have the updated Mercedes 7G-Tronic Plus transmission and will need the MB 236.15 BLUE colored ATF. However, the transmission pan dimple reference should be used as a last resort to confirm a transmission type as a result of some 6-21-2010 and older Mercedes owners choosing to update to the newer 7G-Tronic Plus transmission pan with the 4 oval stamped dimple pan in order to provide slightly more ATF capacity.
  • Last, you can identify your transmission code. Vehicles from 2004 up to manufacturer date 6-21-2010 will have a transmission with code without A89 and use the MB 236.14 RED colored ATF. Vehicles after the manufacture date 6-22-2010 will have a transmission with code A89 and use the MB 236.15 BLUE colored ATF.
  • Note: we are an independent specialist and do not have VIN information. Contact your dealer with the VIN for transmission code confirmation.

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