Improved Audi VW Water Pumps

Introducing Graf water pumps with improved sheet metal impeller styles. Blauparts® is pleased to offer GRAF Audi and VW water pumps with an improved sheet metal impeller design. A direct replacement for the factory water pump. The same great heavy duty bearing and seal designs expected from GRAF but with improved coolant flow efficiency, improved drag vs O.E. designs (See Chart), and less bearing loads. Blauparts® stands behind these improved GRAF water pumps as the perfect complement to our BLAU® Timing Belt Kits.

About GRAF Water Pumps

GRAF water pumps are manufactured in Italy and is part of the Metelli Group. Graf water pumps are designed, engineered and assembled in Italy. Each water pump is made to last to factory specified change intervals, and to last as long as the genuine water pump you would get from the dealer. GRAF water pump components are pre-tested to evaluate durability, performance, and reliability. Bearings undergo a durability test equivalent to the average water pump lifespan and are then inspected to assess integrity. Mechanical seals are tested in extreme coolant temperature conditions according to predefined coolant water pump cycles. The shape of the water pump impellers are optimized, thanks to the use of prototypes in which flow and performance tests are done. After water pump assembly, all pumps undergo tests using equipment able to determine true performance and reliability.

BLAU® Audi Volkswagen Timing Belt Kit Applications and Part Numbers:

1.8T GH21103 GH21103-1 GH21104 GH21104-1 GH21105 GH21105-1 GH21133 GH21133-1
2.0L GH21100 GH21100-1, GH21139, GH21139-1
1.9L TDI GH21120 GH21120-1
2.0L TDI GH21135 GH21135-1 GH21137 GH21137-1