Volkswagen Jetta Oil Change Reminder Light MK7

In this blog article, we briefly highlight how to reset the 2019, 2020, and 2021 VW Jetta oil change reminder light. The 2019 onward MK7 VW Jetta has an onboard computer system that reminds the vehicle owner when maintenance for the vehicle should be performed. This system gives an oil change reminder light that appears on the instrument cluster. This is set to appear by the vehicle manufacturer every 10,000 miles or 365 days and should be reset after each oil change.

VW Jetta Oil Change Service Light Reminder Reset

  • Applies to all 2019-2021 VW Jetta models with the analog or non-digital instrument cluster.

How To Step 1

Begin by turning the ignition on to the accessory position while at the same time pressing and holding down the trip odometer reset button. Confirm you are not starting the engine during this process.

How To Step 2

Quickly release, and again press the trip odometer button as soon as you see the “Reset Oil Change Service Interval?” appear on the instrument cluster.

How To Step 3

Once you’ve completed the oil change service light reset, navigate the vehicle infotainment system to ‘CAR’, ‘SETUP’, Scroll to ‘SERVICE’, confirming the oil change interval reminder is reset to the 10,000-mile 365-day oil change interval.

How To Step 4

Last, turn off the ignition from the accessory position.

We also suggest only using the correct oil quality specification for the intended and recommended MK7 VW Jetta oil change interval of every 10,000 miles or 365 days. This oil change interval should only be done when using quality engine oils with a formal VW approval for the exact VW Jetta engine option. The learn which oil quality specification is correct for your Jetta engine check out our related blog articles below.

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