BMW Transmission Code Location

BMW Transmission Types

When shopping for one of our BLAU Transmission Fluid Filter Change Kits, some owners need to confirm their transmission type or transmission code. Why is the transmission type needed to service or repair your transmission? There may be different variables, the same BMW model may be optioned with two different transmissions manufacturers. Also, some transmissions although the same might require different transmission gasket, filters, and fluid types. Many BMW platforms came with multiple transmission possibilities.

Many BMW models came with the possibility of 2 transmission manufacturer types. It is common for a specific BMW model to have a transmission made by either GM or made by ZF. For example, E90, E91, E92, and E93 platforms came with either a 6 speed ZF GA6HP19Z or the 6 speed GM GA6L45R automatic transmission.

Confirming your BMW transmission code, type, or manufacturer, ensures that you’ll be getting the correct transmission parts.

Where do you find the BMW transmission code? There are several BMW transmission code or type locations as outlined below:

BMW Transmission Identification Type Locations

BMW Transmission Identification Tag

There are a few places that you may find this transmission manufacturer label:

Pictured Example The BMW transmission type id tag is often located around the transmission bell housing where the engine is bolted to the transmission. In this pictured example it's located on the driver side of the transmission just above the transmission oil pan and oil cooler lines. (2004-2006 BMW X3 with the 5-speed GM transmission)

BMW X3 Transmission Code Type GM

Pictured Example: The BMW transmission type id tag may also be located on the driver side rear of the transmission where the X-drive transfer case bolts to the back of the transmission and just behind the x-drive drive shaft output flange. If you have a rear wheel drive this would be on the driver side rear/mid-section of the transmission closest to the driveshaft. (2004-2006 BMW X3 with the 5-speed GM transmission) 

BMW GM Transmission Type Code

BMW Transmission Fluid Part Number Label

Many modern BMW transmissions now use an adhesive label on the transmission pan housing. This label contains the part number of the transmission fluid required for the vehicle. The transmission fluid part number also cross correlates with the manufacturer that made the transmission.

This transmission sticker or label style is very convenient but not as reliable as the above-mentioned metal transmission identification tags. These newer style sticker labels can deteriorate and fade as the vehicle is exposed to different climates, road debris, and age. This can cause them to no longer stick to the transmission or not be legible to read.

Pictured Example

BMW X3 with the transmission fluid part number of 83220024359 (83 22 0 024 359). This number corresponds with the fluid used in GM made transmissions.

However, other BMW X3 models may have the transmission fluid part number of 83220142516 (83 22 0 142 516). Which corresponds with the fluid used in ZF made transmissions.

BMW Transmission Code Location

BMW Transmission Code Location zoom in

Transmission Identification with VIN Number

As a last resort, some customers have contacted their dealer with their VIN and requested the transmission code information. Blauparts is an independent parts specialist and does not have access to your bill of material info. We therefore CAN NOT tell you for certain what your transmission code is.

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