Our Audi VW timing belt tool rental kits are the perfect complement to our Audi VW timing belt kits. Find out what’s included in our Audi VW timing belt tool rental kits? Why are timing belt tools needed for a timing belt service? We have a full line of Audi VW timing belt tool rentals available for nearly every Audi and Volkswagen model requiring a scheduled timing belt service. Take advantage of our great timing belt tool rental kits when purchasing one of our Audi or VW timing belt kits! Audi VW timing belt replacement is made easy specialist, Blauparts LLC.

Please Note: Our timing belt tool rental kits are no longer available for rental. All rental kits are available for sale in good used condition in our online catalog.

Audi VW Timing Belt Tool Rental Kit Examples:

Audi Tools - Audi VW Timing Belt Tools - Audi VW Tools V6 30V Audi VW Timing Belt Tools - Audi VW Tools V6 30V 3.0 Audi VW Timing Belt Tools - VW Tools TDI V6 30V

What’s Included in Our Audi VW Timing Belt Tool Rental Kits?

BLAU® Audi VW timing belt tool rental kits make timing belt replacement easier. When you purchase one of our discounted Audi VW timing belt kits we give you the option of renting an Audi VW timing belt tool kit. You'll save on replacement and service costs with this set up. All our timing belt kits include replacement guidelines (select kits come with detailed step-by-step instructions) and our Audi VW tool rental kits are designed specifically for each Audi VW model timing belt service job. Blauparts® over 27 years of Audi VW timing belt removal and timing belt repair tech experience saves you time and money.

Why Are Timing Belt Tools Needed for a Timing Belt Service?

Unfortunately, some Audi VW owners have made serious mistakes when installing Audi VW timing belts themselves. Due to the incorrect setting of the Audi VW camshaft timing (a.k.a. Audi VW cylinder crankshaft timing), disaster has struck. Interference occured and Audi VW valves have been bent. ALWAYS use the proper Audi VW tools when replacing the Audi VW timing belt. These Audi VW tool numbers are also listed in the Audi VW service manual. After performing Audi VW timing belt replacement and using the proper Audi VW timing belt tools to set cam timing, always rotate the crankshaft several 360° full revolutions to ensure Audi VW crankshaft timing and camshaft belt timing is correct. This is very important and ensures that there are no interference problems relative to cylinder head valve and piston clearance.

Important Audi VW Timing Belt Service Information

We always recommend that an 'Audi VW Factory Trained ASE Certified Technician' install your parts. However, our Audi VW timing belt tool rental kits are designed with easy installation in mind. They can save your Audi VW mechanic time and you money! If you do feel that you are questioning your mechanical capabilities while doing a timing belt service it is best to take your vehicle to an 'Audi VW Factory Trained ASE Certified Technician' install your parts.  Also Due to limited availability we only offer our timing belt tool rental kits to customers that are current purchasers of our Audi VW Timing Belt Tool Kits When You Purchase A Discounted Audi VW Timing Belt Kit.

Here Is a List of Some of the Special Audi and VW Timing Belt Tools Needed in Order to Accomplish a Successful Timing Belt Service:

Our Audi VW timing belt tool kits include the necessary tools recommended by the factory service manual (tools differ from one vehicle/engine to the next).

  • 2079     vibration damper center bolt remover wrench
  • 2080A    crankshaft oil seal guide
  • 2084     vibration damper holding tool
  • 2085     crankshaft oil seal puller
  • 2085/1   crankshaft oil seal puller adapter
  • 2086     crankshaft oil seal puller
  • 3034     idler pulley puller
  • 3036A    camshaft drive sprocket holding bar lock
  • 3083     crankshaft oil seal puller sprocket insert arbor
  • 3099     crankshaft lock retainer toothed pulley
  • 3197     crankshaft lock counter holder
  • 3199     camshaft fixtures locking plates
  • 3202     crankshaft seal installer
  • 3202/1   crankshaft seal installer guide sleeve
  • 3203     crankshaft oil seal puller
  • 3204     serpentine belt tensioning arm drift holder lock
  • 3211     vibration damper lock holder
  • 3212     viscous fan spanner wrench
  • 3241/1   seal onto camshaft install
  • 3242     threated pin crankshaft locking holder
  • 3243     camshaft securing bar lock
  • 3243-1   camshaft securing bar lock hook tool
  • 3251     crankshaft lock counter holder
  • 3256     crankshaft vibration damper bracket
  • 3265     crankshaft oil seal guide
  • 3312     viscous fan open-end spanner
  • 3341     camshaft locking tightening device
  • 3369     bumper support to lock carrier into service position
  • 3387     eccentric pulley pin wrench
  • 3391     camshaft locator lock bar
  • 3411     bumper support to lock carrier into service position
  • 3415     crankshaft toothed belt gear counter holder
  • T10053   camshaft crankshaft claws
  • T40005   camshaft securing bar lock
  • T40001   camshaft drive sprocket extractor puller
  • T400011   hydraulic damper locking pin
  • T10020   eccentric pulley pin wrench
  • T40026   threaded crankshaft locking pin
  • T40028   exhaust camshaft adjuster socket
  • T40030   camshaft locking claws
  • T40009   eccentric pin puller wrench
  • T40098   serpentine belt tensioner in released position holder
  • T45      torx bit socket wrench to loosen toothed belt tensioner
  • V159     eccentric pin wrench
  • VW681    camshaft seal extractor lever
  • 5 x 62mm Drill Bit used for setting the air gap in between the piston of the tensioning damper and the timing belt idler tensioning arm.
  • Feeler Gauges used for measuring the distance between camshaft locking plate and the cylinder head.