Ocap Audi VW Control Arms

Blauparts is pleased to offer Ocap control arms and suspension parts for a variety of Audi and VW applications. Most discerning Audi and VW owners carefully research and choose high-quality control arms. Blauparts have teamed up with Ocap, a renowned Italian company that specializes specifically in the area of steering and suspension parts. Partnership with an OEM manufacturer means we can ensure absolute quality control through a direct supply chain.

Ocap of Italy is a direct OEM supplier of suspension components to European manufacturers for select models straight off the production line, along with their other exotic high-performance companies Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Lotus, Pagani, Renault Sport, and Porsche. They’ve also manufactured for Maserati, Mercedes, Volvo, and BMW for years. Ocap is a certified TUV (Germany): UNI ISO-9001, TS16949 (Quality System), and ISO 14000 (Environment System) company.

Audi Ocap Control Arms - Highest Certified Quality
All images provided courtesy of OCAP Italia s.r.l.

Klüber Grease

Use of KLÜBER, a high-quality grease:

  • OEM grease.
  • Specifically developed for the automotive industry.
  • Low sliding moments.
  • High-temperature range.
  • More comfortable driving, noise-free suspension parts.
  • Longer lifespan of the components.

Control Arm Ball Joint Pin

  • Material: 41CrS4, acc. to EN 10083, quenched and tempered.
  • Cold pressed for optimum mechanical characteristics.
  • Nitrocarburated and oxidized surface, giving low friction, coefficient, and high wear resistance
  • 100% crack control by parasitic current test.
  • Surface + Hardness → 35% longer lifespan.

Audi VW Ocap control arm ball joint quality

Control Arm Aluminium Alloy 6082

  • 6082 aluminum alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance and high strength than Alloy 6060 and 6061, used by other control arm manufacturers.
  • Hot forged for optimum mechanical characteristics.
  • Most suitable Aluminium Alloy for track control arms.
  • 100% crack control by penetrant liquid test for a more reliable and durable product.

Audi VW Ocap control arm aluminium alloy stress test


  • Aluminium Alloy Shell Casing: AIMgSi1, UNI3574
  • Rubber: MA 170-60
  • Rubber Bissing
  • Hydraulic Bushing
  • High-quality rubber absorbs vibrations for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Audi VW Ocap control arm rubber types

Ball Joint Plastic Shell

  • Acetal Plastic Material (POM)
  • POM + 20% PTFE Material
  • High wear resistance.
  • Low friction, coefficient.
  • 35% longer lifespan than standard material.
  • Extremely low ball pin displacement.

Audi VW Ocap control arms thrust graph Audi VW Ocap control arm plastic shell

Audi VW Ocap multi link front suspension diagram

Blauparts’ Ocap Control Arm Quality Highlights

  1. Aluminium Alloy 6082
  2. Rubber Seal Bellows
  3. KLÜBER Grease
  4. Plastic Shells
  5. Bushings
  6. Ball Pins

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