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Audi Allroad Suspension System

Audi Allroad Suspension System

Pneumatic Adjustable Audi Allroad Air Suspension

Understanding The Existing Original Audi Allroad Suspension
AKA Audi Allroad Air Bag Air Spring Suspension System

Audi Allroad air suspension system consists of air bags that surround the shock absorbers instead of conventional coil springs. The adjustable Allroad air bag compression is managed by a control module and air compressor that are delivered via air lines. This type of Audi Allroad suspension set-up allows for variable suspension feel and height.

Primary Components Of Original Audi Allroad Air Suspension Systems:

  • Front Allroad Shock Absorbers [IMAGE 1]
  • Front Allroad Suspension Air Bag (aka Bellow Air Spring) [IMAGE 1]
  • Front Allroad Mounts & O-Rings
  • Rear Hydropneumatic Allroad Shocks (Air-Over-Hydraulic) [IMAGE 2]
  • Rear Allroad Suspension Air Bag (aka Bellow Air Spring) [IMAGE 2]
  • Rear Allroad Mounts & O-Rings
  • Allroad Air Compressor [IMAGE 3, 4]
  • Allroad Air Pressure Accumulator Tank [IMAGE 5]
  • Allroad Air Lines (aka Air Pipe Plastic) [IMAGE 6 Front - IMAGE 7 Rear]
  • Allroad Level Sensors [IMAGE 8 Front - IMAGE 9, 10 Rear]
  • Allroad Control Module [IMAGE 11]
    Controls Warning Light System [IMAGE 12] - Controls Air Pump / Compressor Functions - Reads Information From Suspension Level Sensors To Properly Distribute Air
Front Audi Allroad Air Bag
Rear Audi Allroad Air Bag
Audi Allroad Air Compressor
Audi Allroad Suspension Air Compressor
Audi Allroad Suspension Air Pressure Tank
Front Audi Allroad Suspension Air Lines
Rear Audi Allroad Suspension Air Lines
Front Audi Allroad Suspension Level Sensor
Rear Audi Allroad Suspension Level Sensor
Rear Audi Allroad Suspension Level Sensor Close Up
Audi Allroad Control Module
Audi Allroad Warning Light System


Common Pneumatic Adjustable Air Bag Suspension System Issues

Allroad dashboard suspension light always coming on.
Allroad suspension air bags (air springs) leaking.
Allroad suspension air lines leaking.
Allroad air suspension compressor continuously running.

Air bag suspension systems have been referred to as "high maintenance." Many owners become frustrated when they begin to experience issues with their Allroad suspension system and realize the high cost of replacement parts and labor. Many want a quick fix. Is it a leak? Where is the leak? Is it the compressor? Even an experienced technician will tell you that it isn't always easy to pinpoint the specific problem. A qualified repair facility can use a VAG-COM to read the electrical parts of your system that provide fault codes indicating if the suspension level sensors or compressor may need attention. However, this tool cannot tell you if there are air leaks within the system, since the air lines and suspension air bags are not electrical components. You'll have to find the air leaks yourself, which isn't always easy.

The first obvious indication that something may be wrong within the system is when the the instrument cluster (control panel) light comes on, indicating a fault in the air ride system. Another common situation is as follows: The front or rear levels of the vehicle are uneven or completely bottomed out. When the engine is started, the dash lights begin flashing indicating that the vehicle isn't at its selected level. The compressor kicks in, and you wait approximately 5 minutes until the light turns off and the selected level has been achieved. This is often seen as an inconvenience and accelerates the wear factor of the compressor, shortening it's lifespan.

Front Audi Allroad Air bag Suspension System
Rear Audi Allroad Air bag Suspension System
O-Ring Mating Area Air Leaks

Audi Allroad Air Bellow TearsThere are several o-rings at the bottom and top of the shock absorbers and air bags. Over time, these o-rings may shrink and cause air to leak during suspension compression. [FRONT and REAR Image Above]

Plastic Air Hose(s) Pressure Fitting Area Air Leaks

Over time, the plastic tubing that runs thru the pressure fittings may shrink, become brittle, or lose pliability. During air system operation the pressure fitting isn't able to hold the plastic air tubing properly, causing a leak. These leaks are hard to find and usually occur near the connection points where the air lines meet the air bags. [Image Below]

Air Bellows (aka air bag spring) Air Leaks

Constant suspension flexing, weather-related moisture, or old age can cause the air bags to crack and leak air. [Image To RIght]Audi Allroad Plastic Air Hoses

Level Sensors

The instrument cluster (control panel) light will usually light up and indicate when your level sensor isn't working. A level sensor(s) may have failed if the light on the dash won't turn off. Over time, electrical components wear out and fail.

Compressor – Ride Height Pump

Due to an existing leak(s) within the air system, the compressor may constantly have to run to try and maintain the correct level, accelerating the wear factor of the compressor and shortens its lifespan. If you choose a particular level and the light continues to blink, this may indicate that the compressor is worn out and cannot generate enough CFM to raise the vehicle high enough to reach the setting.

Control Module

Over time, the integral circuit board and/or other electrical components may wear out and fail.

Blau Audi Allroad Shock Absorbers

BLAU® Audi Allroad Conversion Suspension Kit

Cost Effective Replacement Solution

There are a number of advantages to switching over to a simpler BLAU® conventional coil spring and shock setup rather than having an OE pneumatic air system. The most obvious is repair cost. With the BLAU® replacement option you can save thousands on Allroad suspension replacement costs without any compromises to key performance features, such as handing and ride quality.

BLAU® Audi Allroad suspension kit completely converts the existing pneumatic air system with a conventional coil spring and shock absorber setup. Once your technician has completed the suspension coil spring conversion, the Allroad will sit at the Level 2 position.

Eliminate issues with Allroad suspension air compressor continuously running.
Eliminate issues with Allroad suspension air bags or springs leaking.
Eliminate issues with Allroad suspension air lines leaking.

Kit Includes:
Blau Audi Allroad Conversion Suspension Kit

How Does It Handle, Ride, and Feel Like?

Our Engineering Philosophy

Feel The Road!

After two years in the making, Blauparts is proud to announce the release of our Allroad suspension system. We set out to engineer an Allroad suspension system that produces a first-rate sport feel. One that is perfect for the comfort of everyday driving, yet hugs the curves of the track or the winding roads of your own neighborhood. This system provides a definitive feel and clear-cut reliability, without the harsh aggressiveness often associated with some aftermarket sport suspension setups. Helping you feel confident behind the wheel.

BLAU® shock absorbers and coil springs have been engineered with dampening rates that produce ride characteristics that can best be described as a comfortable firm sport feel. Using our German automotive heritage, over 27 years of experience, as well as listening to fellow Allroad owners, our goal was to turn the Allroad driving experience into that indisputable "Feel the Road!" awareness. Precise and extensive product development, analysis, street, off road, and race track testing has resulted in an impressive suspension replacement system for Audi Allroad owners.

Audi Allroad Offroad and Track Tests

What Level Does It Sit At?

Blauparts set out to design a cost effective and efficient solution. Our system was engineered to closely simulate the factory Level 2 position, where proper wheel camber alignment can be achieved. This levelpositionsthe tires in such a way that the foot print of the tire makes the optimal even contact patch with the road. The optimal wheel camber alignment allows for maximum tire performance and longevity. This is why we chose the perfect alignment of Level 2. Many Allroad owners who drive for extended periods in positions higher or lower than Level 2 (negative or positive degree camber alignment) experience accelerated tire wear, which isn't efficient.

Please Note: Due to changes in the suspension control unit in the 2005 model year, some 2005 Audi Allroads may not allow for the dashboard suspension warning light and check engine light to be turned off after the installation of this kit. This issue appears to be associated only with 2005 Model year.

Labor Replacement Time

Labor time ranges approximately 1 hour per wheel and another hour or so for control module disconnection. Total labor time is approximately 5-6 hours.

What People Are Saying

During a recent race track session at Road America USA, the BLAU® allroad suspension system produced amazing results as reflected in the positive comments from fellow Audi Allroad owner, master technician, race car driver, and senior Audi and BMW driving instructor, Mike Loos of O'Reilly Motor Cars Inc. ( Mike rode with us in our Allroad test vehicle during our last testing session at Road America race track in Elkhart Lake, WI. Here's what he had to say:

      "As you know, I own and love my Audi Allroad. I wanted a bit better performance than the stock air ride. When the first air bag started to leak, I went to a coilover setup. The ride height was a little too low and the ride a little too stiff. Useable, but not exactly what I wanted.
      Then I rode in your Allroad on the track at Road America. I liked that the ride height was stock, the ride was smooth, the turn in was brisk, and even when pushing the tires past their limits the car stayed neutral, predictable and safe. I want that set-up on my Allroad. Let me know when it's available." - Mike Loos of O'Reilly Motor Cars Inc.

Customer Review

      "We want you to know that we think all of you at Blauparts are the best! First, your A6 Allroad air suspension conversion kit is first class. Your instructions are detailed and precise and following them was easy... We both know how to turn a wrench but neither of us had ever undertaken a complete suspension conversion before. Because we didn't have access to a diagnostic tool, we didn't attempt to recode the ECU. We brought the car to an Audi technician for this process. There again, your instructions were excellent. Our Allroad, however, refused to accept the code change. When we contacted you about this problem, your support staff were as helpful as possible... The process was surprisingly simple ... and the check engine light is OFF... Thank you!
      BTW - The car rides and handles better than it did with the original suspension. This is our 2nd Allroad. We had the dealer replace the air suspension (costly) on the first one and it never really worked correctly and we traded the car. We knew we'd have the same issue with this car but we learned that conversions were available. We researched what was available and decided on BLAU because yours kept the stance at level 2 and we need the clearance because of where we live (rural, long winters, frost heaves). We will recommend you highly to everyone for any and all of their Audi and Volkswagen needs. Once again, thank you!" - Rick S.

Blau Allroad Conversion Kit Installed

Limited Lifetime Warranty - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Conversion Kit Quality. In harmony with Blauparts 'We Care' core values, products labeled under the BLAU® brandname have been developed using ISO management disciplines in design, development, and sourcing processes. Blauparts sources with suppliers and manufacturers that share the same values and vision regarding providing nothing but the highest quality products.

Blauparts is a values based company. We hold true to our vision of supplying the highest quality products to our customers. We're confident our customers will be pleased with the high quality of BLAU® brandname products including our new Audi Allroad suspension conversion kit. Our BLAU® Audi Allroad suspension conversion kits come with our limited life time warranty along with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

We wish to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support.


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