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Improved Audi Tie Rod Ends & Assemblies

Our Audi tie rods are improved for nearly all 1996-2006 Audi models! Blauparts is the Audi tie rod low price leader!
The HIGHEST quality in updated Audi suspension components (i.e. control arms, control arm bushings, ball joints, tie rods and sway bar links)!
Only from the nation's leading independent Audi tie rod parts specialist, Blauparts.*

Audi Tie Rod - Audi Tie Rod Low Price Leader - Live Pic Audi tie rod low price leader! Blauparts can save you up to 80% on new and improved Audi tie rod end and assemby units. We carry a full line of German and European Audi tie rods at great prices. Plus our 27 years of Audi tie rod removal and repair experience is put to work to make the job easier for you with our Audi tie rod boot kits. Everything you need to

How To Determine Which Part Of The Tie Rod To Replace?

Three Audi Tie Rod Scenarios Could Exist:

  1. The tie rod could be loose at the outer ball joint end.
    If the outer tie rod end is loose you can just replace this portion of the Audi tie rod.
  2. The tie rod could be loose in the internal link that is embedded in rubber (see Image 2).
    If this internal tie rod link is loose you can just replace the outer Audi tie rod end.
  3. The tie rod could also be loose at the inner joint beneath the tie rod boot.
    If the inner tie rod end joint is loose, replace the entire Audi tie rod assembly. However, if the outer tie rod end was recently replaced, you may just wish to replace the inner Audi tie rod end.

Audi Tie Rod - Audi Tie Rod Low Price Leader - Tie Rod BreakdownWhen replacing the entire Audi tie rod assembly or just the Audi inner tie rod ends, we always recommend replacing the Audi tie rod boot (also called tie rod bellows). If you are replacing just the Audi tie rod end be sure to inspect the Audi tie rod boot for signs of aging. The Audi Tie Rod - Audi Tie Rod Low Price Leader - Audi Tie Rod Boot SizesAudi tie rod boot is plastic and prone to stress cracks. This is important preventative Audi tie rod maintenance and can help prevent premature Audi tie rod wear. Replacing the Audi tie rod boot at the same time as the inner tie rod end will also save you money in the long run. Too, it's important to note that there are two possible Audi tie rod boot sizes in the 1999 chassis. The vin splits given by Audi are so close and have proved to be incorrect in some instances. There is a 7.5" Audi tie rod boot and a 10" Audi tie rod boot in 1999 (see picture to right). Customers will need to verify which size they have. Please Note: This measurement should be made when the Audi tie rod boot is taken off the car and uncompressed. We've made this replacement easy by putting together a convenient kit which includes the Audi tie rod boot (bellow) which covers the Audi inner tie rod end, securing clamps, securing bolt, and high pressure moly grease for lubrication the tie rod inner joint (see picture below).

Audi Tie Rod - Audi Tie Rod Low Price Leader - Improved Audi Tie RodIn the event of a failure of Audi tie rod ends or assemblies, your Audi parts specialist has the solution. Some original Audi tie rods have a link in between the ball joint and the tie rod end which is embedded in rubber (see OEM Version in Image 2). Thanks to power steering, drivers no longer feel the great force caused when turning the steering wheel. These forces create significant surface pressure on the Audi tie rod ball pin in the bearing shell. Continuous or extreme dynamic strain as well as corrosion on the tie rod can cause Audi tie rod failure. Audi tie rod failure reveals itself by squeaking and rattling along with a loose steering feel. Blauparts improved Audi tie rod version has eliminated the susceptible rubber element on the Audi tie rod end, replacing it with a full metal version with minimum or no increase in steering vibration.Another big improvement is the increased Audi tie rod ball pin diameter, which improves load-capability and translates into a longer Audi tie rod service life. This increase on the Audi tie rod ball joint diameter is from 22mm to 27mm which translates into longer tie rod service life. We have them available at a great price!

Your dealer may give you a different Audi tie rod part number. This is because Audi has had numerous supersession on Audi tie rod ends and Audi tie rod assemblies due to manufacturer changes.

Front Audi Tie Rod Ends
  • 4B0 419 811
  • 4B0 419 811B
  • 4B0 419 811C
  • 4B0 419 811E
  • 4B0 419 811F
  • 4B0 419 811G
  • 4D0 419 811A
  • 4D0 419 811B
  • 4D0 419 811G
  • 8E0 419 811
  • 8E0 419 811B
  • 4F0 419 811C
  • 4F0 419 811D
Front Audi Tie Rod Assembly
  • 4B0 419 801M
  • 4B0 419 801G
  • 4B0 419 801B
  • 4B0 419 801E
  • 4D0 419 801B
  • 8E0 419 801B
  • 8E0 419 801

Do you have a loose Audi control arm, ball joint, or suspension rattle? Does your Audi front suspension clunk every time you hit a pothole? You may need to replace your Audi control arms and control arm bushings. Replacing Audi control arms one by one can cost a lot of money. You'll save big on installation costs when replacing all of your Audi control arms at once. If some of the control arms are on their way out, the others aren't far behind. You're better off getting the job done right the first time.

Save hundreds of dollars by replacing all of your Audi control arms, tie rod ends, sway bar links, and hardware with our convenient updated kits! In the event of an Audi control arm failure, look to the nation's leading Audi control arm specialist for the solution!

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