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Audi Driveshaft Center Support Bearing

Audi Center Support Bearing - Audi Center Support Bearing PictureAll Audi quattro driveshafts are made up of 2 sections. Where the 2 sections joint together is the location of the Audi center support bearing. This Audi center support bearing allows for flex in the driveshaft. This Audi driveshaft flex occurs during acceleration and deceleration of a vehicle (a.k.a. driveshaft torque flex). By allowing the driveshaft to flex the Audi center support bearing greatly reduces stress on other related transmission and driveline components.

Repairing an Audi quattro driveshaft with our kit will save you 100's of dollars over installing the entire new Audi driveshaft assembly. Our Audi driveshaft (a.k.a. Audi propeller shaft) repair kits include all the driveshaft parts needed, such as the Audi center support bearing, Audi driveshaft CV joints, driveshaft CV boots, clamps, hardware, and grease. Wondering how to replace an Audi quattro driveshaft? When using the proper procedures and techniques, repairing an Audi driveshaft isn't as difficult as you think. When you purchase one of our center support bearings, Blauparts® is ready to share over 27 years of Audi quattro driveshaft repair service experience to help you out!

Wondering what the symptoms of a bad Audi driveshaft or Audi center support bearing are?
Click here to access our Audi center support bearing trouble shooting guide.

June 19th, 2013


The Following Have All Been Discontinued Effectively Immediately:

Audi Vw Center Driveshaft Repair Kits
Audi Vw Center Support Bearings
Audi Vw Center Driveshaft End Joints

Due to issues associated with supplier quality and the technical repair challenges experienced by customers Blauparts has discontinued the sale of all Audi and Vw center driveshaft repair kits, center support bearings, and driveshaft end joints effective immediately.

Supplier Quality Issues:

Blauparts is a values based company. We care about our customers and desire complete customer satisfaction with the repair kits we offer. The decision to discontinue these products was primarily prompted by our former suppliers and manufacturers inability to supply us with consistent OEM quality components that meet our high standards. Our Quality Assurance Department consistently intercepted driveshaft components that were out of tolerance and the supply chain was no longer deemed reliable.

Technical Installation Issues:

1) Variables in center driveshafts within a particular model year. There are various u-joint designs within a specific model year and vehicle application, making it difficult for the customer to receive the correct u-joint on their first order. 2) The proper disassembly and reassembly procedures associated with Audi Vw 4motion quattro driveshaft repair is crucial and requires advanced mechanical skills and equipment. Customers were often unable to use the correct tools and techniques to install and reassemble the center drive shaft components correctly (e.g. the center u-joint and center support bearing). This led to driveshaft vibration after reinstallation. Please find the attached PDF document describing the proper disassembly and reassembly procedures.

Blauparts' Recommendation To Customers Experiencing Quattro Driveshaft Issues:

We recommend paying the big money and purchasing a completely assembled genuine OE driveshaft for seamless repair. The Audi Vw driveshafts are complex in nature and the only reliable replacement option is the dealer. Completely assembled aftermarket driveshaft are available, however, they may have inferior quality components mounted on them similar to the quality issues we experienced with our former driveshaft component suppliers.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our customers. As a goodwill offer, please contact our Sales or Customer Service Department and mention this Product Update to receive a special discount on a future order with us (offer valid on 1 order only).

CONTACT Phone: (920) 758-3232

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Audi Center Support Bearing - Audi Center Support Bearing Driveshaft Breakdown