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Loctite Synthetic Grease Lubricant - Resealable Tube - 36781
Loctite Grease - Synthetic High Performance Lubricant - Resealable Tube (3 oz)
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
Loctite ViperLube Synthetic Grease is a high performance, NLGI grade 2/Servere duty GC-LB grease that provides superior protection for parts exposed to a wide range of temperatures and environments. NSF H1 rated.
( Loctite Product Number 36781 )
Sprays on as a penetrating oil, then solidifies into a waxy grease. Heat-resistant, tacky lubricant with anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties. Offers a number of benefits for the professional Audi VW mechanic as well as the serious Audi VW do-it-yourselfer.
    Typical Applications Include:
  • Use as a lubricant and protector for door, hood and trunk hinges, latches and striker plates, clutch, brake and throttle rods, linkages, cables, levers, shift levers, window mechanisms, seat and sun roof tracks and controls, chains and cables and any other components exposed to water, salt spray and dirt.
  • A release agent on gaskets and seals.
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