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Alternator Pulley Tool Set (Audi,VW,BMW,MB,Opel,GM,Porsche,Renault,Ford)
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Alternator Pulley Tool Set
Also known as a Freewheel Clutch Pulley Tool Set or an Over-Running Alternator Pulley Tool Set.
This tool set is needed to counter hold the alternator free-wheel drive pulley and shaft found on Bosch alternators. These alternator pulleys are used on a variety of vehicles such as Audi, VW, BMW, MB, Opel, GM, Porsche, Renault, and Ford.

    Alternator Pulley Tool Set Includes:
  • 1 1/2" Drive 10mm x 12 point socket bit
  • 1 33 spline alternator pulley socket
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Vehicle Applications:
Audi - All Audi Models as Required
BMW - All Models as Required
Mercedes-Benz - All Models as Required
Vw - All Models as Required
Porsche - All Models as Required