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Audi A6 Springs - Audi A6 Coil Springs - A6 Spring Set Kit 2.8
Audi A6 Coil Spring Kit - 1998-01 2.8L Quattro - Set of 4 - Rear & Front
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BLAU® Audi A6 Springs
Set includes Qty 4 Coil Springs (Qty 2 REAR and Qty 2 FRONT)
Mfd in the USA
Overtime, original 2.8L Audi A6 springs begin to sag and sometimes even break. This can often result in abnormal driving characteristics. When suspension coil springs become saggy or break, most Audi A6 drivers will experience clunking noises, unhealthy vehicle weight transfer, and dangerous vehicle performance characteristics.

In most cases the car shouldn't be driven until the underlying problem is fixed. If the problem isn't fixed, improper alignment occurs, potentially damaging your tires and other suspension components. Keeping your Audi suspension in perfect working order is a must. 2.8L BLAU® Audi A6 springs are designed as an OEM replacement coil spring. Customers will experience a standard OE ride height with a slight increase in handling without sacrificing driving or ride comfort.

BLAU® Audi A6 springs have been designed and engineered with your 2.8L's specific characteristics in mind. The proper vehicle balance, weight transfer, and performance handling were all taken into consideration. BLAU® springs provide the optimum ride comfort and performance for your Audi. 1st The World Over™ in Audi kit concepts.

Blauparts® is a values based company. We hold true to our vision of supplying the highest quality products to our customers. We're confident our customers will be pleased with the high quality of BLAU® brand-name products including our new BLAU® OEM style replacement coil springs. Our BLAU® springs come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty along with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We wish to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support.

Read information about our Audi A6 development strategy and manufacturing information.
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A6 Sedan - Quattro w/ 2.8L 6 Cylinder 30 Valve Engine
A6 Wagon - Quattro w/ 2.8L 6 Cylinder 30 Valve Engine