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Audi S6 Shock Strut Accessory kit  Front Audi S6 95-96
Audi Front Shock Strut Accessory Kit - S6 1995-96
Product Part Number:
Product Information:
Components Mfg in Germany
Audi S6 Shock Strut Accessory Kit Includes:
  • Front Strut Boots
  • Front Upper Strut Mounts
  • Front Upper Strut Bearings
  • Front Strut Bump Stops (Fits OE style struts)
  • Front Suspension Strut Hardware Kit (Required for Proper Reassembly!)
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Vehicle Applications:
S6 Sedan - Quattro w/ 2.2L 5 Cylinder 20 Valve Turbocharged Engine
S6 Wagon - Quattro w/ 2.2L 5 Cylinder 20 Valve Turbocharged Engine
Technical Information:
Usually when Audi shocks and struts begin to go bad the seals start to seep oil. This strut shock oil leaks onto the bump stops eating away at the rubber foam material, affecting its density and ability to perform its job properly. If the bump stop isn't replaced, your new struts have the chance of bottoming out, causing internal strut damage and premature failure. Replacing the stops helps protect new Audi shocks and struts from bottoming out when hitting potholes and rough roads. Leaking strut oil can also get onto the dust boots. Over time this eats away at and weakens the rubber or plastic causing it to deteriorate and eventually fail. Ripped dust boots allow road grime and dirt to contaminate the shock causing scarring of the strut shaft and seals, resulting in premature strut failure. Replacing the boots and sleeves protects new Audi struts (strut shaft and seal) from dirt and dust, ensuring their long lifespan. Nearly all Audi models that we've had in our facility for strut replacement needed new strut mounts. Audi strut mounts are made of a rubber material and with age, collapse and deteriorate. This is especially noticeable in the front of the car since it supports the engine and endures the brunt of road impact. Worn Audi strut mounts often cause a conspicuous clunking noise when going over bumps. Play at the top of the spring perch while the suspension is loaded (not un-sprung) may also be evident.