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German Wax and Polish - Ravenol Auto Polish
Car Care - Ravenol Auto Polish - .5 Liter
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.5 Liter Bottle of German Ravenol Auto Polish
RAVENOL Auto Polish is a great all in one cleaner and polish! It's formulation allows for cleaning and waxing in just one easy application. The special Teflon polish formulation gives a great high gloss polish finish that will make your paint have that great depth and glow. RAVENOL Auto Polish is very effective on all automotive coatings as well as fiberglass gel coats, aluminum and chrome. Perfect for removing tar, insects and oxidation. It's easy to apply and remove and gives your car the long term protection it deserves.

  • Exclusive German Teflon Polish Formulation
  • Removes Oxidation
  • Mirror Wax Finish
  • Super Long Extended Protection
  • Weather Resistant
  • Cleans Aluminum
  • Great Chrome Polish
  • Fiberglass Gel Coat Revitalizing
  • Anti Static
  • Removes Tar
  • Removes Bugs
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