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VW Antifreeze - VW G13 Antifreeze - VW TL 774-J
Vw Coolant Antifreeze G13 PINK 2008-16 - 5 Liter - Concentrated - Ravenol of Germany -- 15% OFF --
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Product Information:

Formal Factory Approved Audi Coolant Antifreeze: VW TL 774-J (G13 Purple Violet)
OE Parts Number Reference: Audi VW G 013 A8J M1, G 013 A8J 1G
    RAVENOL LGC C13 (G13) Coolant Features:
  • Manufactured and bottled in Germany.
  • Eco-friendly formulation based on a proven inhibitor development by combining glycerin and silicates with organic additive technology (OAT) as an extended life coolant.
  • Nitrate and Phosphate free.
  • Protects liquid cooled engines and other devices against overheating, corrosion and freezing by means of excellent heat transfer with low evaporation loss, selected additives and good low temperature performance.
  • Maintenance-free corrosion, rust, frost, and high heat protection.
  • Superior cold temperature performance with freezing protection up to -40 C
  • High performance coolant dissipates heat more effectively than conventional coolant and raises the boiling point.
  • OFFICIAL G13 Coolant of the Audi Sport TT Cup Racing Series!
  • OFFICIAL G13 Coolant of the Rallycross Audi S1 EKS Team!
Please Note: G13 coolant is suitable for G12, G12+, or G12++ coolant applications are required.

Please Note: When mixing a concentrated 1.5 liter bottle of coolant to a 1:1 ratio, it yields a total of 3.0 liters.
Dealer pricing typically reflects a 1.5 liter pre-mixed product.

Please Note: Mix concentrated 1.5 liter coolant to a 1:1 ratio with de-ionized water. If de-ionized water is not available use distilled water. Do not mix tap water with coolant.

Other Applications and Recommendations:
-Porsche 000 043 301 47
-VW TL 744 F
-VW G 012 A8F
-VW G 012 A8F A1
-VW G 012 A8F A4
-VW G 012 A8F M1
-VW TL 774 G
-VW G 012 A8G
-VW G 012 A8G M1
-VW G 012 A8G M8
-VW G 012 A8G M9

15% OFF the OFFICIAL Coolant of the EKS Audi S1 Rallycross and TT CUP Racing Series! Enter code: RALLY or TTCUP
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Vehicle Applications:
Vw - All Models as Required
Technical Information:
Blauparts recommends changing 'long life' Audi VW antifreeze every 3 to 4 years. Why? The combination of chemical additives contained in coolant, responsible for retaining alkalinity and inhibiting corrosion within the engine's cooling system, over time become depleted. Similar to oil, Audi VW coolant eventually breaks down, becomes weak, and "gets dirty." For maximum corrosion protection and prolonged engine life, flushing Audi VW coolant every 3 to 4 years (40,000 50,000 miles) is imperative. Thoroughly flushing your antifreeze is most convenient when done during timing belt replacement.

Looking for coolant information? Blauparts provides basic overviews on how to flush the coolant antifreeze in your Audi or VW.
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