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Ravenol ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid DCT GT-R 1L
Ravenol ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid DCT GT-R 1L
Product Part Number:
Product Information:

RAVENOL DCT GT-R Fluid is a special fully synthetic transmission fluid developed and optimized specifically for the Nissan GT-R R35 double clutch transmission (DCT). This transmission is a high tech, complex, and sophisticated transmission that puts extreme demands and requirements on the DCT transmission and transmission fluid. Developed to resist the unusually high thermal stresses of the Nissan GT-R DCT transmission. Our fluid has been formulated accordingly to offer improved function and friction characteristics over the factory fluid. Avoid the noisy stick slip effects (shudder) of the clutches when starting and at high temperatures. All crucial DCT performance criteria as e.g. cold flow performance, shear stability, evaporation loss, and wear stability have been raised to the highest possible levels with our Nissan GT-R DCT transmission fluid.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Very good lubricating properties also at low temperatures in winter
  • Stable lubricant film even under extreme loads in summer
  • Low wear
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Very low pour point
  • Low foaming even under heavy demands
  • Extensive protection against wear, corrosion and foaming
  • Neutral behavior towards sealing materials

Application Notes:

RAVENOL DCT GT-R Fluid has been developed for the application in the new Nissan GT-R R35 double clutch transmission (DCT). To allow for a perfect and improved function of the Nissan GT-R DCT transmission avoid mixing different brands of Nissan GT-R DCT transmission fluid during the transmission service. This is absolutely necessary for a perfect DCT-operation.

Specifications, Applications, and OE Reference Numbers:

  • Nissan 999MP-GTRT00P
  • Nissan KLD4100002EU
  • Nissan KLD41-00002

Always consult your service manual and confirm the specific fluid and oil requirements for your model.

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Technical Information: